Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Pipe Kept me Awake

Through some increased amount of luck, I managed to get seven puzzles done instead of the usual two or three last night, and at 5:00 decided "I should be able to get another one done then still have time to write an LJ entry before going to bed", but I was at it until about 6:30, at which point I got too frustrated and closed iDeaS, and went to bed immediately afterwards. That part was better though, because I slept until ~3:30, and just now gave that puzzle another try and was able to complete it, revealing the title to be "Pipe". Now that I've figured out iDeaS' save state implementation ([SHIFT]+[F7] to reload the most recent, then [CTRL]+[F#] where # is a number from 1 to 9 to reload up to the ninth saved before that. Sort of awkward, really, but knowing that much makes forcing my way through the puzzles a little bit easier.

I haven't any time to do more for now though, because we'll be heading out grocery shopping in a bit, where I have to get money for Naomi for a change. The same "Michael" as before sent me $60 for her via Paypal yesterday, which she apparently needs right away. As for giving Mom $20 for gas this week, we compromised on $30, because she "really needs it". I'll bet. At least I have that extra ten dollars, although some of it will probably be used soon enough for chocolate bars at 7-11 on one of my days off next week. Then the rest for powdered milk, but I've changed my mind and decided to visit Bulk Barn before work tomorrow, because I just don't want to go today. I did check the schedule at work last night as well, and found that the only chance I'll have to see Manoah and George together is on Wednesday, so it looks like I'll be making that other loaf of bread then. I asked him about the recipe yesterday afternoon to see if the one I found was the same, but theirs takes some ten days because the ingredients have to be left to sit in plastic bags for ten days before anything can be done with them. Oh, and I got the muffins too, the only one of which I've eaten so far was good. Now I should probably think about returning the favor again, but can't think of anything else to do with those cookies aside from maybe adding chocolate chips just before they're portioned out, or putting a few on top of each. We'll see <3

Otherwise today, most of my time not spent on Pic Pic last night was used to back things up which I haven't done in exactly one month, according to the date on one of the folders. I may try to pick through my programs partition tonight to remove some other unnecessary space-consuming stuff, and then as long as it's still light out when we get home from grocery shopping, vacuum my floor. Just need to find somewhere else to put my breadmaker first, but I think it might fit under one of my bedside tables. Might as well check now then get ready to leave, because it's almost 4:30 and I told Mom we could leave in fifteen minutes almost that same amount of time ago, and yeah. I should be using this day off to relax, but that can wait until next week. Especially because I may not be needed at Heart and Stroke again~

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