Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Am Here Yet Again

It's almost 7 in the morning, which I feel is more than valid cause to call it a night right now and get back to this tomorrow afternoon, but if I do that I won't want to write about any of the things I do right now, and it's highly unlikely that anything interesting will happen within the first half hour or so of the day tomorrow. If it were Sunday right now, then yes, perhaps, because I'm thinking about taking a walk out to Real Canadian Superstore on one of my days off, but not yet. That place has bean and cheese dip that I want to try (I bought a bottle of "queso" stuff from Sobeys the other night that wasn't what I expected in a bad way), and they also have little tiny chocolate bars that we always used to get as kids, and I want some of those. As well, it would be fun to start a loaf of bread being made then head out there, and hopefully get home just as the last minute is counting down. Oh, and going back a step, yes, I could've purchased those things while we were out there earlier today, but didn't want to until we got home.

Anyways, I don't have to worry about that for at least three days, on to things that are closer to present. New icon for one, which I'm using right now if only to prove that I've finally uploaded it and the picture it came from. It and all the rest can be seen in this new subgallery. There isn't anything else new at the moment, but I did send out an email to somebody new about an icon commission they have listed on Furbid. Technically said email was asking them about the price, because something isn't right with the way the auction is set up, but should things go as I'm hoping, I'll be getting at least three more, for my 4shared account, Twitter, and a third in this style, because I think it looks cute ^^; What's good about it is that I can pay with money I have on my mastercard, because I thought I'd be using it for something else, but actually can't, and I'm not about to go spent it all at Tim Hortons or something. $2 per icon though, and I'm just waiting on them to reply again first.

Also, because this kind of bears mentioning, I might have to buy a game called PrismaPix soon, money permitting. I've played the demo a bit, and it's like Pic Pic, except with the clues spread across multiple layers, where at the end, all of the layers combined will reveal the completed puzzle. It has a hint function which explains each hint, which, combined with this, may be exactly what I need to help me truly learn the "advanced logic" techniques. Guessing, while ultimately a successful method of solving each puzzle, gets extremely annoying really quickly, and I'd like to get back to what things were like before, where I just knew which squares needed to be filled in without having to spend an inordinate amount of time on it. I'll check my balance after work tomorrow though, because I need to find out how much powdered milk is first (assuming Bulk Barn has it), and also how much I'll have once that Paypal to bank transfer completes. Other than that, I'm off to bed before this 7:30 becomes 8. Almost ready to fall asleep right now~

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