Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Wish it was Sunday

Not only would that mean I only had one shift left before four days off, but I also might go to Tim Hortons on the way home for the same reason, possibly all the way out to the one on Bloomfield. I was actually going to walk home with Orlando last night to see where he lives now (somewhere along Baldoon), but Manoah let him leave at 1, and I ended up just going straight home instead, partly because I had a headache by that point as well. Didn't stop by the bank at all then, for reasoning that transfer wouldn't be complete until next week, but as it turns out, when I logged into my Paypal account to send the money for those icons, saw "Completed" in the status field for it. Therefore I might check tonight, but regardless of where I am, I may not be buying that game as quickly as expected, because just recently I've started to understand the "advanced logic" bits of Pic Pic in a way that they can be applied to other cases than the one shown in that example I uploaded a little while back. I do also need to thoroughly read those 2 and 3-clue logic pages, but at least I'm doing a bit better now than just guessing <3

Anyways, even though it's only Saturday, I am sort of looking forward to work tonight provided it isn't busy again. I need to ask Manoah if he got a song I sent him a link to last night (normally the number of downloads would answer that question, but this one has been downloaded ten times since I put it up on my 4shared account earlier this morning), and might also take one of the several boxes of chocolates I still have in to share. That'll leave me with 5 more (I think) a couple bags of cheezies, and one bag of chips. My only problem is not letting Sheila and the other supper staff see them, because they'll assume they're entitled to some as well, and that isn't the case. Especially after yesterday, where I had Sheila quite cross with me for not starting a minute early. Probably because she was on line making orders by herself, which normally I would understand, but not when they let Tina and Ang leave only a couple minutes before that. Have them stay 'till 8, as the schedule shows. That way everybody is happy, because as annoyed as they may be with you for keeping them those few extra minutes, they won't remember almost as soon as they set foot out the door. The rest of the night wasn't bad, outside of it being busy for the first couple hours, but yeah.

Other than that, I was able to find powdered milk at Bulk Barn last night, although only one type out of the several they had available (instant and non-, buttermilk and regular, etc.), and also noticed powdered cheese way down at the far end of one of the aisles. I wish I'd known that before I opened a package of KD cheese for that bread before, but I may have to go there again soon to pick up some of it and possibly other things, because while useful for bread, I can see it tasting good sprinkled on other things. Eggs are all that come to mind right now, but I could also make an extremely cheesy pot of KD, or any number of other things depending on what else we have ^^ I still need to send an email with references and descriptions for those icons though, so I'll do that now before more time passes by, and hope I have enough time left to at least finish this puzzle in Pic Pic. I started last night, but couldn't concentrate due to being tired, which I am not so much now~

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