Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Probably a Coincidence

Before I get to the title though, I even more wish it was Sunday (or Monday) now. Such a long night at work, and one thing in particular has driven me to the point of writing out a lengthy note for Melissa. Condensed to a single sentence, one of the tasks she expects closers to complete now is prep for the openers, and at first I wanted to tell her "We have enough to do at night already!", but have changed my mind and decided to say "How about a compromise? We'll do the prep that requires frying, and the openers can do the rest." There are a couple other sub-topics as well, but as yet I only have a rather quickly written draft typed out in Notepad, and by the time I revise it to be more direct and have a chance to show it to her (Tuesday at least), I won't be nearly as concerned about those issues as I am now.

As for the coincidence, I was on drive through tonight, and maybe an hour or so after starting, a man came through that looked really familiar but I hadn't ever met face to face before. I tried getting a better look at the passenger to see if I knew them or not, but alas, I didn't get the chance, for being informed my order was "up", and having to go grab it. As for the man, I want to say his name was Rob (and not the same one I knew before), but I may never know now. Unless he happens to come through again tomorrow night, but that isn't too likely. Besides, I almost feel like calling in sick so Manoah can work a full shift without going for a smoke break. He'll go on and on about how Steve always runs off to the bathroom as soon as it gets really busy, yet one can almost fully count on him to go out for a smoke once the orders are done with which is even more annoying. I really want to tell them (all of them) "Smoking is a privilege; not a right. If all your other work is caught up, you can probably go outside for five minutes, but not every hour because you think you deserve to rest." I am nothing if not bitter, but it's well justified <3

There was a period of about half an hour tonight where all three of us (James, Manoah, and me) were completely busy. We were all trying to do two things at once, which was annoying because Manoah started having an attitude towards me, but all the same it made me wonder. Is that what we're actually getting paid to do? Work non-stop from the beginning of our shift until the end? I want to say yes, because it makes more sense, but comparing that to the amount of work I usually see the supper staff doing, we should be getting paid extra in that case. Maybe that's something else I'll have to include in the note, but to do so would require reworking the structure a bit. I have the time, at any rate...

In news not related to work, I had a fun walk home, and that's about it. For now, anyways, because there's an auction on Furbid ending in about an hour (8:46am) that I hope to win, and I also sent off my references and descriptions for those icons earlier. The two I couldn't decide on are going to be a remade version of this one, and the second will be simply displaying a mischievous look. I checked my bank balance on the way home as well, to find that I'm currently at ~$1,820, with the $60 transfer having not completed yet. Once that goes in I should have enough to stay above 1,800 until next pay, and hopefully after that I can start setting aside some money for when I go to London. My weight seems to be directly linked to how much I have saved up as well, so as for that, I was still at ~176 last time I checked. Glenda was at Taco Bell to pick up Ang a couple nights ago and asked me "Why are you losing so much weight!?", but quite frankly, I think I'm gaining it if anything ;_; Then again, she hasn't seen me in a while, but to continue, Steve interrupted to tell her I take "scenic routes" home from work which has only renewed my desire to keep to myself.

Anyways, I really need to get to bed, but as with last night, not before entertaining myself with Be-Pachi Music a bit more. There's one song in it I really like right now called "Cheer Train", so I'll definitely have to play it, but that won't be the only one. Yeah~

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