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Thoughts About Our Internet

Connection, that is. Just last night Manoah and I somehow got to discussing how I had such an amount of money saved up with no immediate plans for it, but now tonight I think I may soon enough. Earlier this afternoon I found a torrent for and started downloading season 2 of Whose Line is it Anyway (the UK version). Technically I shouldn't be, as I'm less than a gigabyte away from reaching my total allotment for this month, but I figured it wouldn't matter because the whole torrent was only 2.9GB. Then we went out to do stuff I'll get to later, and when I got back, got curious enough again to search Google for ISPs in Canada that offered unlimited bandwidth. As of right now, I've come across Teksavvy's, which is only a couple dollars more than we're apparently paying right now ($39.95 for theirs versus $36.95 for Bell's "Fibe 10"), and there's also another option, being 200GB monthly for $29.95. I think that might be more than we need itself, but for now I'll have to wait until the end of February to see what our total usage is.

The only thing I'm getting confused about now is the lack of information on the page. Right at the top there's a couple paragraphs going on about a Linksys router, but found below that at the bottom of the page is a list of modems at the various prices they can be rented or bought for. I'm getting confused about whether I'd need both, or just one, because it seems like the list of modems is there as part of the basic internet group only. However, when I think about it logically it doesn't make sense that I should be able to connect to the internet without a modem. I don't mind the thought of buying one or the other, but not both. I just sent them an email to be certain though, so with any luck they'll respond tomorrow.

As for how this fits in with saving money, once that $60 goes into my bank account (if it hasn't already) I'll have ~$1,850, which will almost certainly be going up to over $2,000 with my next pay. I plan to take about $200 to London, which I can get from my second pay in March, and there's still almost all of April after that to save, because my train ticket is for the end of the month. From what I've been able to find, Bell requires 30 days advance notice to cancel their service (or rather, they'll bill you as normal for 30 days after you call them), so that might be something to look into at the beginning of April.

Figuring out how to pay for everything would be somewhat a bother at first, because I could easily put the money on my Mastercard and pay with it, but there's no indication of payment schedule or anything (aside from the initial payment being required immediately), and somewhat unrelated to that, I'm still not completely sure about the connection speed. The figures on the website show it to be a little slower than what we're getting from Bell right now, but I ran a speed test earlier, and came up with the same speeds at Teksavvy's would offer. Ergo, because I'd only be connecting to the wireless internet I shouldn't have a problem, but Adam might notice slower speeds on the computer downstairs. I'd have to run the same speed test there to check.

Oh, and I should also be looking at the money involved in a way that includes Adam and Naomi, but at this point I'd rather try to pay for the initial setup costs myself, then split that total afterwards and ask each of them to give me a third of it. Much less confusion that way, and I know I alone can / would be able to afford it.

I still kind of don't want to switch away from Bell, for not wanting to mess with that works, but I see now that we could have something better. The next step is to see what everybody says tomorrow~

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