Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Reverse Procrastination (of Sorts)

If I don't take a little bit of a break now, I'm just going to end up in the same place as last night. Spent most of the afternoon and evening then, as well as the night preceding that working on this. I said I was going to make it, so there it is, but you'll obviously have to click the picture to see it full-size, as otherwise it's all pixelated and messy. There are some things about it that still bother me, such as the three steps that involve guessing, and the inconsistent spacing between each step's boxes, but those points aside, it's exactly what I was hoping to end up with. I still can't apply that to other puzzles, as the clues will be different, but for the one shown there, I could complete it in far less time than it took me originally now <3 Today has also gone on far too long because I woke up at 2 to start making bread. Knowing what I do now I could've slept for another hour, but it stayed fairly warm right up until I brought it to work and Manoah opened the bag.

Everybody there seemed to enjoy it (Manoah, Steve, James, and George), enough that I walked home with our tub of butter and nothing else, but I learned of a couple drama-esque things while there that I won't go into now, for wanting to wait and see what happens / what I hear about them on Friday. The one development I can mention is that Manoah wasn't able to buy the shoes he's been talking about for the past couple weeks, because his credit card either doesn't have the 3 digit security code on the back, or it isn't set up properly. He has one of Money Mart's new Visa cards, so I'm probably going to end up being given one of those next month sometime, and that'll be a bit of a pain because I don't think Tim Hortons takes Visa. Unless I'll be allowed to keep my Mastercard instead, but I'll inquire all about that if and when it becomes necessary. For now this paragraph will end with me having told him I'd buy the shoes provided the store accepts Paypal and he gives me the money first, but he went on to say he might use it to get his license instead, so we'll see what happens about that on Friday night as well. Oh, and as for that note I was writing for Melissa, not yet after all. I can't discount the possibility of our closing list simply being a re-written copy of the old one, and if that's the case I'd look quite a fool having her read what I've written.

I think for right now I'm going to end this and go back to other things though. Either that or go straight to bed, because I plan on making more bread tomorrow (this type). Something like waking up at 2 again to set everything out, then going back to bed for an hour or so while everything comes up to room temperature, as the first step dictates. I'm also about halfway through making RSS feeds for several sites I check daily, but this is the only one I was able to finish tonight. Anyways, before I start sounding even more disorganized, I'm off to bed, and will get to the rest of what I was going to write tomorrow. Primarily things concerning the internet, but I'm sure I'll think of more before then~

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