Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Three Months too Early

And a slight variation of the length as well. I use that sort of title too often, but at any rate, originally I was planning on giving Mom a Reader's Digest subscription for Mothers' Day. Assuming it would work the second time, but should change my mind before May, I'll just buy her that month's issue wherever I see it first, and continue on for another eleven months after that. The other thing I'm thinking of getting her is something that, to my knowledge, can only be found at grocery stores. Know those plastic bags they have several rolls of back in the meats section? She always takes several extras to use at home for putting leftover food in the fridge and other such things, and I can't picture at least asking for a roll being a problem. Besides, that, setting aside Reader's Digest, would be an actual gift and save me repeating the same card-with-money-in-it thing from the past several years.

That aside, I feel like I'm getting to this a bit early tonight as well, for it only being 3:30, but leaving all of my post-midnight things until after 5, including writing an entry, is getting to be tiresome because almost all of the time I'll end up being busy past 5, and ultimately rush through everything so I can get to sleep earlier. In tonight's case, I can't be up past ~7 for starting work at 5 tomorrow, and that goes all the way until midnight which is going to make for a very, very long shift. Well, probably 10 or 11 with the way things have been going recently, but coming up on Tuesday after that I have another 5-9, and have to check the schedule tomorrow (assuming the new one is up) to see if I have any more supper shifts after that. Doesn't bode well for Heart and Stroke unfortunately, but Michele doesn't want me to return until she's back from vacation. Apparently money will be coming in from P2P by that point, and while the binder still isn't done right now, the other volunteer needs something to do so they'll continue working on it. In short, I don't have to worry about going back there until March 10th, if not the day before it, which I'm quite pleased with because there's a good chance reconciling all the receipt books will go just as quickly.

As for more regular things, the bread I made today turned out kind of poorly. When it was first being kneaded, I noticed the dough seemed really sticky and not at all like it was forming into a ball, so I added another tablespoon of flour. That gave it enough elasticity for one large ball to form on the right mixing blade, and a smaller one to form on the left, so using a rubber spatula, I tried scraping the dough off the left one while it was still spinning, which caused the mixing blade itself to eventually come off and get mixed in with the big ball of dough, so I had to dig it out, making a nice mess in the process. The same thing happened two more times, and I had to add yet another tablespoon of flour and reset the machine to let it knead completely again, before finally coming back up here for the remaining ~3 hours, after which I went back down to the kitchen to see that it had risen a bit too high or something, because the top was mostly flat, with a gradual indent into the center. It tasted exactly like apple pie, but I do thoroughly dislike these recipes that require something to be done with the dough partway through, because the timing in the recipe might not coincide with that of my bread maker.

Anyways, I need to put at least a little effort into finishing another Magipic puzzle before I call it a night, then I might also back up a few things now that I have reason to again (my Firefox profile folder in particular). Or I could leave both until tomorrow and find something completely frivolous to do right now (I can think of one), but can't do either until this is done~

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