Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

All for Two Ice Scoops

The stupid things we do at work sometimes. I had to take over drive through for James for the last half hour of my shift tonight so he could go on break. I wasn't particularly pleased with that, because we were both working the same amount of time but I didn't have the benefit of resting for half an hour, so I used my time between customers to rearrange everything in drive through, including hiding both ice scoops in the bin. After all, I thought he would find them eventually, but all of that slipped my mind shortly after I changed and set out for home, because I was happy to be out of there. Then shortly after 3am I get an email from Manoah that said (and I quote) "what the hell did you do with the ice scoops we searched everywhere and can't find them I hope this is the right email addy and I hope you get this in time lol". That was followed by another about ten minutes later with the subject line "just call us when you get this i know you're awake", so I did, and that was funny because I wouldn't have expected them to do that.

As you might expect though, that was about the highest point of the night, because the afternoon and evening up to that point mostly sucked, because first it was busy, then once it wasn't busy I was really tired. It is with the thought of repeating such that I'm experiencing so much joy at the prospect of working 5-9 on Wednesday, then either 4 or 5 to midnight again on the Saturday after that. I would rather it was Friday so I don't have to close once then work a supper shift the next afternoon, but aside from Wednesday and Thursday off next week (notwithstanding Monday, but it's on the old schedule so I'm not counting it), I have four closes and that supper shift all in a row. Awesome. It's kind of funny that Melissa was using wanting to give me an extra hour as reason for having me scheduled to start at 4 that day again, but I explained that my availability stated 5pm or later, and she quickly became rather apologetic and promised to change it. Meh.

The rest of the night has been about the same, with nothing of particular note going on, but finding enough to keep me busy. Thanks to my newly-created RSS feed I found and downloaded this, and converted / re-converted / uploaded them here. Put them on my PSP too, but aside from what you'd expect me to have done with them, that also leaves me with only ~$2 on my Mastercard, and I don't think there's much I can buy with that. Oh well. At worst I'll inquire about the possible forced switch to the Visa cards next time I go to Money Mart, and if I'm able to keep what I have now will put just enough on it to bring me up to $30. Unfortunately I've nothing to say regarding Pic Pic tonight though, because I did continue the puzzle I started a couple days ago last night and made a fair amount of progress, but then tried to load an old save state causing iDeaS to crash. Maybe I'll give it another try tomorrow, or I could just switch to DeSmuME again and live with the weird drawing problem in favor of having working save states.

Until then, I'm off to bed before it gets too early again, because I want to sleep in tomorrow and still have enough time after that so as to not be in such a rush like I was today. At least I should be able to, because it's only just about 7am again~

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