Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Need an (Unscheduled) Break

I know I have that pseudo-vacation planned for April, but can't help feeling I need one before that. Even after having four days off, I'm as annoyed with work as when I left, but all I can think of is picking two or three days in March to ask for off and make plans for them, but more satisfying than that would be simply calling in sick some night. Nothing has happened to warrant it though, and I truly can't remember the last time a closer called in, but that's what I almost feel like doing. I suppose closing with Steve might be enough of a difference, and I have getting my pay stub on Tuesday to look forward to after that, but everything there is becoming too repetitive. Probably a common complaint overall, but I'm in a bad sort of mood today, so it's not surprising I chose to write about it first.

Should I have enough money to buy some snacks at 7-11 without going down ten dollars I'll do that later, but really shouldn't be, as I unexpectedly spent ~$70 this past weekend. Although on the flip side, doing so was a nice feeling, mostly because of the "I can easily replace this with my next pay" feeling that came with it. I won't say what "it" is yet, lest I get my hopes up only for it to never arrive as with that keychain, but for my purposes, it will be used mostly as an accessory to my PSP. It has a battery and will need to be charged which is kind of bothersome, but the reviews I've seen online have all said the battery lasts from 5~6 hours, which I figure is roughly the same as my PSP on a full charge. Oh, and according to this email I should also have new icons either later tonight or tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to getting those too :3

Unfortunately, I haven't much to say about anything else, but I did get two more puzzles done in Pic Pic yesterday, and started a third as well, but then I got frustrated with iDeaS and hit F7 too many times and it crashed. Yeah. Advanced logic is getting somewhat easier, but my new problem either seems to be with the emulator getting tired of running, or me somehow missing the save state button so when I try to load what I think is my previous state from the same puzzle, I get something from the one before, and have to start all over again. I suppose I will be going back to DeSmuME after all shortly, but only if I have enough time to do that and play one or two songs in Be-Pachi Music after finishing this.

Right now, actually <3 After all it's 6:30, and the last half hour went by quite quickly yesterday too. There was one other thing I'd planned to write about this afternoon, but as I don't have time now, I will later. Assuming I don't get home too late, but that shouldn't be a problem tonight~

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