Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Staying Up to Sleep Late

Last night was kind of fun, so I'm hoping to do the same here. Stay up long enough that I can barely keep my eyes open, find something to do even for only a couple minutes after that, and then go to bed. Today would've been a little better had I not decided to switch blankets the first time I woke up after falling asleep, but it was still sort of nice because from 2 until almost 4 I kept waking up every 30 minutes, feeling quite well rested but still wanting to go back to sleep. Additionally, I'm more tired tonight from having gone all the way out to Indian Creek on my way home again, but this time I didn't go out to Michener before that, so it wasn't quite as long. Just down the street from work to 7-11, then turning at the bridge to walk along the river to the other bridge, from where I walked by the mall towards Queen Street, and continued all the way around and stopped by the other 7-11 as well. Maybe a little bit excessive there, but it was nice visiting both places again like I used to <3

Work wasn't bad either, which was a welcome change from yesterday night, but if anything, it demonstrates the difference between Manoah and Steve. Manoah seems more concerned about having fun than getting things done in most cases, whereas Steve would rather get everything caught up and ready for closing then sit down, which I currently prefer having not worked with him in quite some time. Even with the large pile of dishes I had to wash, from when I started to when I washed the last dish, only two or three customers pulled in, and as soon as I rinsed the last one off, we had at least five pull in all at once. Things just worked out tonight, and there's no easier way to put it. It's nice having tomorrow off as well, but I think I may wake up somewhat early and make this bread since I still have so very much dry milk left. That or just go back to the very first plain white bread I made, but make two loaves this time so they last longer or something. Or maybe I'll forget all that and make bread on Wednesday or Thursday so I can sleep in tomorrow.

Anyways, the clock has disappeared from my taskbar so because I can't keep track of time that way and still have at least one other thing to write about, I'll go to that instead of trying to find some way to switch without actually mentioning it. More or less, I was thinking about some of what this entry refers to last night, and was once again finding myself overwhelmed at the thought of how short and insignificant one's life is compared to the eternity that comes afterwards. Even if you do make a name for yourself, that still doesn't change the differences in time, albeit with one of the two effectively being timeless. Anyways, those thoughts switched to what might happen after, and settled on the idea of living a second life. Obviously not as whoever you were before, because if that were the case this world would be full of people who had the memories of a countless number of years, but living another life as a completely different person could happen. Hell, by that logic my existence could be somebody from the past's second (or third, possibly fourth or fifth, even), but that's where the theory becomes a bit unworkable, and isn't quite what I'm going for with this to begin with.

The simple idea that barring a 0.000[...]1% chance that you would be born a second time exactly as who you were before and live the very same life down to the finest detail (any number of impossibly trivial things such as when you breathed and blinked), your life here is truly unique. Nobody will do what you've done exactly the way you do it, which kind of adds to the insignificance in a way, but at the same time seemed almost profound when I thought of it last night.

Just some interesting things that have been on my mind for most of the night, and now I'm off to bed because Adam and Naomi are up, which means it must be early. 7:05 looking up at the top of this entry page, but as I said at the beginning of this entry, there's at least half an hour left. Yay~

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