Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

From Knowing to Understanding

I may have mentioned it already, but necessity led me to searching Conceptis Puzzles' forum for advanced Magipic logic tips a while back, and I was able to find a couple, but didn't really understand them until recently. Particularly, say in a square of nine there's an [8] in the middle square and a [3] in the lower left. Because all but one of the squares will need to be filled to complete the [8], and only three of the four in the [3]s section would need to be marked, you can at least fill in the top and rightmost 3. A better way of describing it is that any two diagonally adjacent numbers with a difference of 5 can have the non-overlapping area of the larger number filled in, at least. There's also another rule of the same type that says any two numbers in the same line or row with a difference of 3 and one space between them can be partly solved, but I've yet to completely grasp that. In any case, my rate of solving them has increased somewhat, to where it would now be within reason to complete 5 per day. Almost half the work is brute force after I fill in everything else I can figure out, but it still results in each taking only ten minutes as compared to 20 or even more.

In other news, I learned something tonight that would've been nice to know much earlier. Unless the times are different for each store, Subway is open the same hours we are. Went there after work tonight figuring they'd be closing around 10 so I'd have lots of time, only to stop and read the sign on the door before going in, and seeing what looked about the same as our little sign. I obviously can't make a habit of going there, but that'll be nice to know on those occasional nights off where I want something different than what 7-11 has but it's too early in the morning to go anywhere else. On the same note, I want to go to Tim Hortons for breakfast tomorrow (as in, the morning after I go to sleep tonight and the rest of the afternoon / evening passes by), but am still a little concerned about that because I don't know when they start serving breakfast. 8am sounds reasonable, but also too early to stay up. We'll see, as I have the money, and the rest will be left to keeping myself awake until I decide to head out.

Speaking of money, I got my pay stub today, and after some figuring, have come up with that I should be around $2,100 on Thursday. Decent, but that isn't accounting for however much Mom wants for gas, then possibly also buying cheese because I'm thinking of suggesting we go grocery shopping tomorrow instead of on Thursday, and we need some. Primarily for bread, at that, because I'd like to make some tomorrow, but won't be content with going back to the recipes I've already tried yet. We have plenty of bacon, which is the only unusual ingredient, but everybody used most of the cheese a couple nights ago on tacos. Yeah. And every time they make them somebody asks "Are you having supper with us?" No, because I'm going to work and making more of what you're eating than you might think.

Anyways, I will need to get to bed soon in order to be up and see about getting groceries a day early tomorrow, and aside from that, I got an email shortly after 12 tonight with my icons, which is all too timely because I'm starting to get tired of the one here, and will upload / do whatnot else with those tomorrow as well. Plenty to do~

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