Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Goes Back and Forth

Sleeping in is such fun (although this time that's sarcasm). Had one particularly sad dream that made it almost impossible to fully fall back asleep until I took the time to come up with a reason it couldn't be possible, as well as either before or after that having accidentally unplugged my laptop, and every so often being jarred out of sleep a little bit by the alarm noise, and finally thinking 4:30pm was much too late to be getting out of bed, but it actually leaves me a bit short on time spent asleep considering I didn't lay down until 9:00 this morning. Kept changing my mind about going to Tim Hortons for breakfast last night, but in the end I decided I would go, because it was my last chance for an as yet unknown length of time. Not bad, but kind of expensive ($10 for two English muffin sandwiches and 6 donuts), so that'll have been my one and only early-morning visit there for a while.

It still was fun though, as with the weather and time and whatnot else as it was, it felt like those mornings when we wake up really early to go on some family trip do. On which note there's another get-together like that coming up on March 20th, but it's only for a birthday party, so I don't know if everybody will be attending yet. I would say no right now, but will ask Mom for details if she's still downstairs in the kitchen later. Aside from that we have haircut appointments for the 5th, which she mentioned possibly needing more gas money for yesterday, although I think they should start extracting more from Adam and Naomi instead. Or I could just withdraw $20 the night before, switch it into two tens at work, give her one for gas, save the other to pay for my haircut, and buy a snack at Tim Hortons with change. Kind of funny that before now I used to keep coming back to wondering if I should have my license by now, but recently realized it's less-expensive to not.

Anyways, on top of all that, I also plan on going out to Giant Tiger and 7-11 in a bit, because the first has pepperoni sticks the second used to have, at 69 cents (I think) a piece, and the second has 5-cent candies that I want to get a couple dollars worth of. Had I waited another hour or so this morning I could've gone to both as well as Tim Hortons all at once, but I don't think I'd have felt very much like going anywhere at 9am. Once that's done I have two things here to do then more Pic Pic after that because I was indeed able to do another 5 puzzles yesterday, and even though their size is due to increase soon, keeping the same pace shouldn't be a problem. Another thing that's gotten easier recently with them is being able to work on a puzzle then have something else going in the background (music in Winamp or a show in Windows Media Player), but what all of that comes down to is the advanced logic puzzles getting easier in the same way the basic ones did.

So for now, I have some garbage to take downstairs, and after that, a little running around to do. Will get started in approximately five minutes~

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