Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

About 4 in Two Weeks

This seems like a bad day yet again, which would mean they're becoming all too frequent lately, but that much makes sense on a larger scale, so I'll see if things don't improve a bit at work later. Either then or afterwards, because it was snowing when I woke up and is supposed to continue for a little bit yet, so taking a long way home would be nice. Especially because I have a bunch of new music to listen to now. Bought those a couple weeks ago and they arrived on Wednesday past, only to promptly be ripped and tagged and uploaded and whatnot. Towards the second, MP3tag has come in quite useful again, by allowing me to download the tag information with just the CD name. If there had been more money on my Mastercard I might have considered making a donation to the program's creator, because it's proving to be far more useful than I originally expected, but like plenty of other things I was thinking about buying in the past (soaps from Soapier for myself or an instant-download account so I could get the rest of Whose Line is it Anyways' UK shows without torrents), I'll likely forget about it eventually.

Also somewhat related, 4shared has a new feature, if you will, to pay one dollar for your account to be verified, which in turn allows you to upload files up to 500MB. Was considering that at first because have more than a dollar in pennies alone, but they also offer a toolbar which, by installing, increases your upload size limit to the same amount. Or more likely there's some line of code that says "Uploads made using the toolbar have a 500MB limit", but ultimately I'm not going with either for not uploading files that large, and even if I should need to at some point, being able to split them into multiple pieces with 7-Zip. As for being verified, no. I did that once already which gave me an extra 5GB storage space, but apparently there's no such thing as true, permanent verification.

Moving on, I have new icons as well, although that may already have been apparent, because I am listening to a song right now (albeit not with headphones), and feel the expression is an accurate depiction of how I feel today. Sleep was less than restful for a second time, and that should say enough on its own. I should like to at least start my next Pic Pic puzzle before 7 though, and have a second idea to improve my mood a bit before heading out. There are only 15 puzzles left in level 3, so with luck they'll be done by the middle of next week, but to end this entry on a correction, what I said yesterday wasn't entirely true. Part of solving each puzzle is logic, while a certain amount of brute force is involved. There's also a third method, however, which is looking at the top screen to see if I can identify what the picture is supposed to be, and if so, filling in squares based on what it would look like finished. For some, it works well enough, but there was one I did yesterday night that started out like some sort of race track (it had both a checkered pattern and what looked like a flag), but when finished was actually a pair of ballet shoes. That one in itself took me about an hour, but hopefully today's five aren't as bad. We'll see~

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