Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Sometimes Work is Good

Tonight's shift was one that would've gone so much different if Steve and I had switched positions. It wasn't overly busy for the most part, but during the last hour of the night we had a customer come in with this wonder. Thankfully he was on drive through, and didn't make a fuss outside checking if we had enough beef, and I got to make each and every single one by myself, although he helped wrap a couple. Not sure what time we got out of there either, but it was early enough that I had enough time to take an indirect route home from work (had something to take care of out sort of near the train station), and see that it was still only 4:00 when I eventually got home and went into the kitchen. Mind you, the night wasn't good all the way through, but the bad part is due only to a bit of worry.

Sheila has two closes coming up on Sunday and Monday the week after next, and has requested I work both nights, so she has somebody who knows how to do most everything for closing. That's fine on its own, but I do find myself wondering if she wants to check up on me as well. A couple weeks back, all of the managers were assigned a certain number of staff to "re-train", which was nothing more than having them read some book followed by a verbal quiz about its contents. Everybody, that is, except for me, and I was actually nowhere to be found on that sheet at all. Not that I wish to complain, but perhaps somebody noticed and she was assigned to me or something. So there are those two things, then also the fair likelihood of her wanting to talk about Josh and when the last time we spoke to each other was and if I plan to visit him in London soon and everything else. Can't say I have or do, Sheila, but there's one more final thing. As she was explaining that she and I would be closing together, she made special note of being more than willing to give me a ride home, and I just don't get that. How many nights has she seen that I've walked to work? It's not as if I'm being forced to do so, but I'll just have to wait until then and explain that I would in fact prefer to walk. Especially if the weather stays close to what it was like tonight.

As for where I was going earlier, I've only finished one puzzle today, unfortunately, but maybe I can make up for that tomorrow, and as for being out of sorts, that's obviously improved too. Getting a better sleep tonight remains to be seen, but I hope I do, because starting work at 5 without would be rather exhausting. It is for such reason that I should be getting to sleep soon anyways, but need some BMS entertainment before that ^^; Going back to Pic Pic again would be more productive, but falling asleep content instead of frustrated sounds far more appealing~

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