Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Winter is Almost Over

I might say it's much too early for this, but then again, it is March now, so there's not much time left before this becomes normal. Just the weather outside, with the way things look and what it's like in here make this feel like a spring or summer afternoon, but the sun will begin to set soon enough, and things should go back to normal after that. At least relatively, in the case of tonight, because I plan to leave at 6:30 and go straight out to Food Basics first for zucchini. Possibly flour as well, but there's a chance I'll have enough to get by with what we have. The downside to all that is I'll probably get to work really early, but after last night I'm more concerned with having a normal walk than what time I get there.

I realized there was something significant going on in regards to the Olympics yesterday, but never ever before have I seen so much shouting and honking and waving going on outside as I did last night. Oh, and waving of Canadian flags from their windows too, but there were so many of those it was a wonder they could make any decent speed. It was fun, in a way, but much too noisy for my liking, so at least the walk home was quieter <3 A walk which might have seen me take a long route to visit Sobeys then, but my PSP battery died shortly after getting to work, and I wanted to go straight home so I could make sure it still would charge, because it almost seemed like the battery ran out after I'd completely removed and put it back in just to make sure the power was off. As it turns out, ~13% charge can actually be taken as 0% (at least in my case), but it was kind of worrying then.

In less-typical news, I have something new to do in a couple weeks. Probably after Heart and Stroke next Wednesday, but I have these tax sheets to take care of. At first I thought there was some specific date I needed to bring them to H&R Block, but according to what Dad said yesterday, that was only because the past couple years we've gone together and done them all at once, or he's taken care of them for us and we've paid him back. This year, however, I feel as if I should be able to take care of it on my own, as long as those two pieces of information and some method of payment are all I need. I might even consider going tonight, but to do so would see my bank balance drop below $2,000 before our next pay, and I can't have that. It's going to be pretty close anyways, because I've bid on yet another commission (well, five slots of the same thing) for which the subtotal will be $35, leaving me with ~$20 left for whatever else until the Thursday after next.

Anyways, I don't want to sit here writing this all afternoon, and it's almost quarter to 6 already. Just before I find something else to do though, a quick question for Munedust: do you still live on William St South? I assumed as much on the weekend, but haven't seen anything to confirm that since, so I might as well ask~

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