Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One of Two Items

Leaving for work three minutes later this afternoon would've saved me an eventual second trip out to Food Basics tomorrow, but the thought did not cross my mind then, so now I have zucchini, but not chocolate chips. It's kind of funny too. Two of them cost me $1.44, yet I'll go there before work tomorrow night and likely pay twice that for the other ingredient. Of course that's to be expected, but along with going there I also need to stop by 7-11 first for a stamp. Had I realized the middle of March was so soon I wouldn't have waited quite so long, but that way I can pick up some snacks earlier than normal and have going home to relax and eat them to look forward to. Such will probably be the one thing that gets me through the night, actually, at least if it ends up like this past shift.

More or less a mix of being busy, Manoah's not starting to take line down until midnight, thus giving me far too many dishes to wash in the last hour, suspicions that I've given myself a sore throat from cleaning the grease trap again, and my shoe falling apart made it a very long close. The first three aren't anything new, but as for the fourth, had I chosen to walk home, it would've been with nothing but socks on. Could have been fun, thinking about it, but I doubt any pair of socks would hold up for very long when used like that, so I might try it once when the sidewalks dry up, but not before then. Getting back on topic, I couldn't wear my shoes because I'd thrown them in the garbage immediately after going outside. One started falling apart on the way to work, and I didn't want to wait for the other to go as well when I have a new pair under my bed here. Kind of a pity because I liked that pair, but without going back to work before the openers show up, I won't see them again ^^;

Oh, and discussion between Manoah and I while waiting for his Mom eventually led to how I was putting money towards eventually switching to Teksavvy for our internet, which they apparently already have. As such, I sent him an email earlier asking he run a speed test and give me the results. The difference will almost certainly not be that noticeable, but I'd like to have a better idea of the actual speed their connections run at. Chances are he won't see it for a bit, but it's not like I need the answer right away. Not at all, even, but like I just said, it would be nice to know.

Anyways, I have dishes along with leaving for work early to do tomorrow, and as it's 6:30 right now, that gives me about 12 hours. Might as well get ready for bed~

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