Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I've Made my Decision

Concerning my previous entry, that is. Should it come to what I'm thinking, I'll just tell them "I'd be happy to go out with you once so we can chat and get to know each other, but beyond that, I'd prefer to keep to myself." I can't see anything wrong with such a statement, and it's the truth as far as stating the facts plainly go. Their reaction might be less than favorable, but worrying about it right now isn't fair to anybody. As for people at work, let them spread rumors or whatever else they wish to do. It'll happen one way or the other, and it'd be foolish for me to do anything but accept that.

Getting away from that now, today has been good by all standards. That on its own doesn't say much though, so I'll start with making bread. For one thing I'm glad I bought two zucchinis, because the recipe called for two cups of it shredded, and unless I buy more to compare against, one whole zucchini equals one cup after it's been run over the cheese grater enough times for my arm to become rather sore. I also forgot about the crumbly topping I was going to put on one of the loaves at first, but it still tasted okay, albeit a little on the dry side. Mom, Dad, and Naomi all liked it, while Adam refuses to touch the stuff because there's a vegetable in it, but all around I'm pleased with what was my first non-bread maker bread since getting the thing. And yes, I do realize there's a difference between that zucchini bread and the white and / or brown loaves you'd find in a grocery store, but they both contain the same word, which is enough similarity for now.

Still on the topic, Mom brought up that trip on the 20th, and asked if we were going. Right now I'm probably going to say no (I want to save my money for April and other things after that, as well as not wanting to ask Melissa for days off two months in a row), but they don't know that yet, so she went on to say that Aunt Patty wants to know if I'll make some bread. Rather presumptuous of her, but at this point I might make something for Mom and Dad to take, as a way of saying "Sorry I can't be there. Here's something to make up for it". On its own, the idea of just going along for the trip is appealing, but it's too rushed this time. Oh, and finally on the note of baking things, this is what I'm going for next <3 It looks amazing, and doesn't require very many ingredients (the sweetened condensed milk is the only thing I don't know where to find right now), so yes. That will be the first thing I make from all these recipes I have bookmarked, and seems an excellent way to start off.

Anyways, I have one thing that absolutely must be done before I go to bed tonight (fiddling with the icon seen up there to get it to my liking so the artist can upload the set to their gallery), and after that, either the same thing I ended with last night, or Be-Pachi Music. Or maybe I'll take a screenshot of my desktop because I changed it around earlier, but those are all, as yet, optional~

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