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Another Above-Average Close

Now that's a perfect example of what night shifts should go like. There were a couple drawbacks though, so here we go.

First bad thing was a relatively new person working, named Heletia, or something close to that. I don't know how many shifts she's worked so far, but for some insane reason, she was steaming when I walked in. Went to the back, whereupon someone else walked up to me, and asked if I could come up on line and start steaming, because the person there really didn't know what they were doing. So I went up there, and let her steam the few orders that were left, then took over. Well, more I started steaming, and she just did whatever she wanted. At one point, we had a family pack order for someone in the drive through, as well as another order for the person that was at the window. I finished the latter, except for the fries, because we were waiting on them, so I started making the tacos for the family pack. In her inifinite wisdom, Heletia decided she was going to put everything into one bag, and take it down to the drive through, so I had to rush down there, take all the tacos out, and found that there were only 8. That meant I still had to make 2. It's bad enough that she doesn't even try to read her boards, but she should at least ask if she's not sure about what goes with an order. Then, I turn around to get back on line, and find that she's got probably 4 fries supreme, and a nacho bell halfway made up, and I just about snapped. I can accept that she was trying to be helpful, but what she did wasn't helpful at all.

I mean, Eric, who was on front cash, grabbed all the box fries and the nacho bell we needed for the orders that were on the boards, and just left them on hot line, so they'd be ready for me when I needed them. That way, I can make whatever other food comes with a given order, then just grab the fries from the pile instead of having to walk over to the fry dump. As well, thankfully, all of them were fries supreme, but what if they all happened to be cheese or chili cheese fries?

So anyways, at that moment, I bumped all her boards, because it was obvious she wasn't using them, told her to set all the fries aside, so we didn't get mixed up, then continued making the orders, but made sure to make it very clear what was going with whatever order, and what item finished it. I think she got the point as well, because she seemed slightly more willing to listen afterwards. Oh, and one other thing she was doing. For the orders for people in the dining room, that were actually "for here", she grabbed a tray, set it on the thing where we hand out the food, then placed each and every item on it individually, and once I told her the order was done, just slid it towards the customers, seemingly assuming that they'd look it over, and decide whether or not it was theirs. Her attitude was annoying as well. She wasn't in a bad mood or anything, but she was really talkative, acted, for the most part, like she knew what she was doing (even though it was obvious that she didn't), and was way too friendly. That's really not the proper way to describe it, but I can't think of the right wording. It'll have to do.

In sum about her though, I have to say that for my first time working with her, she's doing alright, but she needs to learn to slow down, listen to people, and stop trying to turn everything into a joke. Just as an example of the latter, an extra cheesy gordita crunch was made by mistake, so she tucked it away up in the nachos, then repeatedly told me "Don't touch my taco!" stopped for a second, giggled, and said "Just joking." Ugh. I'm just hoping she doesn't start closing anytime soon.

The other bad thing was that Ange called in sick, but in the end, that really didn't make a difference (heh), but it's worth noting.

Aside from that though, when I walked in, the only things that really needed to be done were bagging line, dishes, and deckscrubbing, which wasn't too bad. We were fairly busy, but things died down enough that we were all able to take our half hour breaks. One point of interest regarding that though is that while Josh and John were out on theirs, we got all of two cars. After we went out to sit down, Steve, who had been on drive through, said something about how 4 or 5 people just drove right through. I find that hard to believe. Personally, I think he was skipping those cars, but there's no way to prove it.

Bar rush was pretty weird, in that the first half of it started at 2, and went for a half hour, then picked back up around 2:40, and went 'till 3:10 or so. During the whole thing though, Steve took orders, John took cash, and me and Josh were on line, which went quite well. The funny thing is that after it ended, Josh went back to do his counts, then some guy walked up to the window. John was talking to him at first, but I went down just to make sure nothing was wrong, and found that the guy was trying to order something or other with pepperoni :p Told him we didn't take walk up orders, and he started getting all pissed, so I offered to get the manager, and Josh managed to talk some sense into him. What's more is that right after he left, a car pulled up, so Steve took the order, and I made it, and they drove off happy and all that, then John walks over, and tells me that those people had just come from some bar, having just kicked the guy that tried to make a walk-up order out :D Amazing timing, that.

From there on though, I worked on getting line taken down, while John and Steve worked on the dishes, and Josh did his counts. He made the announcment that we were closed 10 minutes early, but I didn't feel like complaining. He cleaned the grill, while I finished hot line, then John restocked all the wraps, and helped me wipe line down, and once that was all done, I swept from the front to the back, then John mopped, while I took the garbage out, and we were done. Out of there at 4:30. Have to be back in tomorrow for 8 though, which could go either way. It's supposed to be me, Josh, Ange, Erin, and John working, although there's a chance that Ange will call in sick again. I honestly hope she does though, because we managed quite fine without her tonight, so it makes sense to think that we could do so again.

For now though, I'm probably going to stay up for another half hour, then head to bed. Had the most restful sleep I've had in a long time last night, so hopefully I can for a second time in a row.

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