Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Knew this was Coming

Might have to consider taking a second trip to Money Mart sometime soon. Went there tonight to put the $30 I had for tomorrow on my card (I'll get to why I didn't need to save it in a bit), only to be informed that, as expected, they'd switched over to Visa cards, which I was given a temporary of and had the remaining dollar or so from my Mastercard transferred over to it. Annoying that now if I want to go to Tim Hortons I have to have cash (or find some other place that offers prepaid Mastercards), but also something I'm kind of happy about, because by only having that one method of payment available now, it'll ensure I only go there when I really, really want to. There is another disadvantage though, being that I'm pretty much paying $15 a month just to have the card now, so I plan to ask them about switching over to the $7.50 pay-as-you-go option. The only applicable difference I can see with it is a 50 cent charge on all transactions, but I'm probably going to keep a balance of $30 on it at all times, so if I want to buy something online (an album from Lapfox Trax, let's say) I can use it, and not have to pay directly from my bank account.

On which note I did spend another $1.05 from my Mastercard today on another little earphone pouch. A pair of these came in the mail today (albeit with the name "Vibe" instead of "Outi"), and I don't want to cram them into the bag with my other headphones, as they get quite tangled on their own already, and having three separate cords in there would make things even worse. As for what they're like to use, sort of odd. They're not unlike my new shoes right now, in that those hurt my feet and legs, and the earphones give me a slight headache after a while, but I'll get used to the feeling with time. Then again, other things could have been to blame for the headache, but finding out for sure isn't nearly that important.

Now, as for why I didn't need that money I had set aside for haircuts tomorrow, Susan broke her arm. Or so I'm told, so we might be going there next week, which would be much better timing what with having just been paid by then. Of course, knowing the way things usually go, we'll be well able to go to Tilbury on the 12th, except for my having to work a supper shift. Apparently the only reason I've been getting so many lately is because Michelle's been away sick or something, so I'll have to check the schedule tomorrow and see if she's back yet. As for the other Michele (the one with only 1 "l"), I'll be seeing her next Wednesday, most likely, which is going to be interesting, because lately I've been staying up past 7am without feeling tired, and sleeping until at least 3. Yesterday it was going to bed at 8 and waking up at 4:30, but if need be I'll just wake up early on Monday or Tuesday and go to bed around 5 or 6 the next morning.

As for anything else, I think I've finished 5 more puzzles in Pic Pic today, but didn't do any during the rest of the week, so I'm still 5 away from finishing level 3. I'll get there hopefully before the end of next week, and maybe get one more done tonight, but before that, there's another curiosity I intend to write about in a protected entry. Although it won't be a secret having said that, but as long as the content is, I'll be, well, content~

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