Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

No End in Sight

As of yesterday night (or some time around there), Michelle went from being off for a couple weeks to being on leave indefinitely. The whole reason she's away is because of some car accident they got in a while back, and I can't see how it could possibly take her upwards of two weeks to recover from that, but what it means for me is these supper shifts won't be stopping quite so soon after all. Mind you, I have only two until the schedule for the week after next is made up, but in between that I'm back to alternating closing and having days off again, which, if nothing else, doesn't bode terribly well for making bread for the 20th. And possibly the 18th as well, because it's Manoah's birthday, and while it's gone by without much recognition years past it would be fun to make him another loaf of that Amish Bread <3 That will depend mostly on free time, of course, and also needing more flour than what we have right now, but I'd rather wait to get that on Thursday than make another trip out to Food Basics before work at some point.

Going to Money Mart yesterday will hopefully be the last thing I need to take care of like that for a bit, but as with the other running around earlier in the week, it went without incident. Walked in there, simply told them I wanted to be on the $7.50 a month plan, and had to wait for a bit as the lady behind the counter called the card company and was put on hold. Apparently the change was made simply by doing that though, so hopefully now I have enough money on the card to last for four months instead of two. At least I should hope so, because there may or may not be a charge to put money on it from here on, and if so, I'm going to keep about $30 extra on it at all times, and put the same amount on every four months so the fees don't completely negate what I would've saved by switching.

Work was, by all standards, okay for a Friday night, but very very bad otherwise. First of all those new earphones brought back a problem I've experienced before, wherein I can still feel the vibrations of the music at the back of my head, despite not listening to any, so for the whole night I was slightly dizzy, and tired on top of that, from having slept in until 5, which I'm still rather unhappy about. Amusingly enough, things got so much better at 1:30 when I agreed to take over drive through for Manoah so he could get the dishes caught up and work on his other end-of-the-night stuff, but up until that I felt like doing nothing more than going home and laying down in bed. Oh, and also, the mini crunchwrap promotion has started. If they weren't difficult enough due to being tiny and thus hard to wrap, everybody orders them in sets of 6 for some ungodly reason. Well, not everybody, but we got at least four orders last night for that number of them.

As for today, I woke up at 2:30, just in time to see my laptop restart due to some "serious error" which was sort of interesting, and haven't done much else yet aside from eating cereal and writing this. Completing one more puzzle in Pic Pic is all I really want to do anyways, and assuming I did remember to make a savestate, the next one is about halfway completed, and it's looking sort of like a spider right now. Instead of going straight to that though, I'd like to finish reading all these comments about bad roommates (over here), then see how much time is left afterwards. Should be plenty anyways, because it's still fairly early~

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