Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Day Will Suffice

Thinking about Heart and Stroke this week, mostly in terms of when I should go in. I'd rather not tomorrow, as it's my first day off this week, but that leaves only Wednesday for sure, and the possibility of going there for a couple hours before heading out to get groceries on Thursday. Then again, Wednesday will be my first day back in almost a month, so as the title says, one day will be good enough. I'll have that cake to make on Thursday anyways, and even though it shouldn't take quite as long to make as bread does, I don't want to leave it until 6 or 7 at night. Haircuts on Friday are still an uncertainty as well, but the week has only started, so we may have some luck.

As for right now, I'm waiting for 8 to go work my shortest shift in recent history (3 hours), which should go better than last night by all means. It wasn't busy, but Steve put himself on drive through again, after an hour of which all the batteries died, leaving me to grab a headset of my own and direct customers to the window, and even have to tell a couple "He'll be with you in just a second" because he would be at the back washing dishes well after I told him there was a customer, or in another case, wanting to finish his counts first. Normally I'd agree, because I hate being interrupted in the middle of any task, but in that case it was a combination of the two. It's starting to become tiresome too, because if he's on drive through he'll complain about the batteries or how everybody pulls in when he's trying to wash the dishes, and if he's on line he'll complain about all the orders, and, since we have them now, eventually how he can't (and most likely refuses to) make the mini crunchwraps. He seems to like front cash well enough, which is the one position I prefer not to be on, but that's far from the only thing that needs to be done around there.

Maybe I just need a day off, and if so, I'm guaranteed that much quite soon <3 Not much to do tomorrow outside of vacuuming as soon as I wake up (and I will be for sure this time), but I really should put some effort into that Pic Pic puzzle I wanted to do yesterday. I'm stuck on the upper-right corner, and that hasn't changed for a combined four hours or so now, but hopefully I'll figure it out soon, because it'd be nice to have level 3 done. In other random news, those certain events that were supposed to take place last week never did, or at least without my involvement. George and Cori both had their share of questions last night, but everybody else who was there on Wednesday last or whatever it was seems uninterested enough. Perhaps Manoah said something to them, but even if he did it doesn't make much of a difference in the end.

Anyways, I have at least one reply to write before leaving for work, then probably Be-Pachi Music after that. Also going downstairs to see if there's any free space in the kitchen for my bread maker (I'd like to get as much stuff off my floor as possible for tomorrow, and it's one of the things that doesn't need to be in here to begin with), so yeah. Time to get started~

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