Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Ingredient to Go

If Giant Tiger carried caramel syrup, I would've either made that cake already, or have been down there a couple hours ago doing so. Picked up everything I needed for both recipes (the cake and those 5 layer cookie bars I linked to yesterday) earlier aside from that one ingredient, so I may simply end up having to take another extended walk out to Food Basics before work tomorrow to get some. That or going to Sobeys after work, perhaps, which would be alot more fun, but I'd rather not wait until Thursday afternoon. At least I don't have to worry about the cake pan sizes now, after reading the directions on the back of the box (of cake mix) and seeing a little chart of baking times and pan types. It'll still be an awfully long cake, but that's far from a problem. Also while there, I couldn't help noticing they'd rearranged things somewhat, which I suppose goes to show just how often I visit that place lately, and also, while I was back in the corner near the milk and whatnot, heard one "Kaley" get called up to help at the checkouts, so I went up there and saw that it was in fact the same Kaley I work with from time to time. Just a fun coincidence, and on a final note, they have something there for 99 cents that's quite awesome, and that I'll have to make use of the price on once things warm up a bit. Assuming they still have them then, but that aside, going there today turned out quite well :3 Aside from the part where I spent just over $30, but considering I bought everything to make those desserts myself, it makes sense.

Things since then have, however, been less interesting, as there hasn't been much to do aside from washing dishes. My floor has been vacuumed now, but if I'm lucky enough to get two days in a row off before the 20th, I'll be pulling my bed out to get underneath it and otherwise cleaning the few other out-of-the-way spots like that, so as to have everything nice and pristine before we leave. One distinct downside to that would be having to move my bedside tables and everything on them out of the way again, but doing that once every couple months seems fair enough. Besides, as much as I may not want to do that right now, I'll probably have changed my mind in a couple days. As for what I was saying yesterday about wishing I'd asked for three days off, I intend to leave a second note for Melissa tomorrow explaining the situation, and saying that I would even be willing to work 5 to 11 or 12 instead of closing. That seems like a reasonable request, and there are still almost two weeks left between now and then.

Going back to recipes for another moment now, I have quite a bit to deal with in the next couple weeks. First of all is that cake I'm making on Thursday, then after that one loaf of bread which I intend to take to work (assuming they don't have me closing then), as it's Manoah's birthday, and bringing in more bread to share with everybody instead of just for him seems like the appropriate balance between being thoughtful and creepy. Anyways, after that comes two more loaves of bread for the 20th, so I've pretty much said "screw it" to the idea of making different kinds, and will instead be going with the "plain white" recipe I started out with. Should anybody wish to remark about how variety would be nice, they will be invited to make their own next time <3 Moving on, after that (and finally) comes these or some other recipe selected at random from my list. This is eventually going to come to making things only because I want to try out the recipe, but I like that idea for now.

As for tonight, I've some icons to save here, then will probably go to bed after that so I'm not too tired in the morning. And will try to remember to set my alarm right this time as well, because today I woke up to what sounded like a faint "Pikachu!", which I assumed was Naomi doing something in the TV room, but then I noticed it kept looping over and over, and realized the sound was actually a rooster cawing on the alarm, because I'd forgotten to change it. Yeah. I'm just being so very superfluous right now. As such, this seems like a good place to be done~

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