Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Cake is of Utmost Importance

I seem to have the distinction of being the only one who can be put on drive through and have a customer pay with a 100 dollar bill within the first half hour recently. Happened on the weekend, and happened again tonight, both times leaving me with no smaller bills with which to make change, but I made use of it anyways, by exchanging five of the twenties from the money I withdrew on the way to work for it. On which note it's a funny feeling walking home at 2 in the morning with $280 in your back pocket, but the only reason I even thought of such was from Manoah's playfully pointing out that I should be careful on the way home. Dad has most of it now though, and the remaining $50 is on my dresser to be split between Mom and I tomorrow.

Maybe, that is, because right now I'm considering forgoing grocery shopping this week and waiting 'till next, so I can have more of the afternoon to bake that cake. Bought the last ingredient at Sobeys tonight, or rather two bottles of it, which gives me almost 30 ounces of caramel syrup when the recipe calls for 6 :x I bought extra thinking more than indicated on the cake would taste better, and the rest could be used for putting in ice cream or whatnot, but when one bottle alone is 14.5 ounces, I'll have more than enough in it alone. Oh well. I don't necessary have to make the cake only once.

The other reason I want to let Naomi go instead tomorrow is that I now have something to do later on in the evening that will require a fair bit of time, meaning making cake later would get in the way of it. Said task partly involves cleaning the less-accessible areas of my room, but there's a little bit more to it than cleaning alone. Still though, I could easily get up at 2:30 or whatever and see about getting groceries at 3 instead, because that's when I woke up today and have been mostly okay since. Yeah, that should've been 1 in the afternoon for Heart and Stroke, but Michele sent me an email saying she would be at some seminar until 3, so that's when I should come in instead. Decent afternoon in all respects, and she's already on me about coming in more than one day a week. I already planned to go in twice starting next week, but didn't say that, so she continued on with "...and if you want to give three days...". If I want to give three days, you'll see me three days. For now I don't see any reason for me to come in more than twice, so you're going to have to wait until this receipting picks up again. Not meant to sound bitter or annoyed, but it was just funny how she jumped right to that.

Also, the whole middle area was decorated with balloons and streamers and such, with a banner taped to the whiteboard saying "Congrat's [somename". I offhandedly told Michele there shouldn't be an apostrophe, and she sort of giggled, then said it was Steve who made it. Last I heard, he didn't believe me and was checking for himself. Yeah. Another kind of random thing.

As for work, it was okay too, and we were informed the people might be in to check the store tomorrow (originally it was Tuesday but they never showed up), so my extra cleaning was the pop rack at the back. Something I don't think has been cleaned in several years, and I most certainly don't want to do it again soon because the nozzles attached to the boxes were all sticky and made a mess. On which note I'm off to take care of this email before heading to bed, and we'll see how things go tomorrow. I probably will still go grocery shopping after all, but of course, that all depends on whether or not Mom says we can go at 3. I can't see why she wouldn't though~

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