Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Final Entry About Cake

Despite all the worrying I was doing about not having enough time to make it, everything came together in just under an hour, where baking the cake took the longest, at ~30 minutes. There's still about a quarter left, but I've had enough for tonight, and everybody else can finish up the rest. Overall it was pretty good, but not quite what I was expecting. Absurd as it may sound, I would've liked there to be a hint of salt in it, but then again, everything I eat these days (aside from candy) has some amount of that seasoning. My latest snack at work, which is nothing more than bean, and chicken, steak, or cheese, depending on which I feel like. It wouldn't be the same without a little salt, and I always make sure to grab the shaker from the middle because it's alot easier to use than those little packets we keep stocked up for customers.

Salt and cake aside, this has been a fairly good day, because I've rearranged my room and it's all nice and different now. My dresser is over where the bed used to be, and the bed is up against the wall the dresser was previously pushed up to, except moved over enough to make room for my tables and still have space to open the door to my closet for when I need to get in there. Everything fits just as it did before, but now I can sit up with my back against the wall and not constantly slip lower and lower from the pillow falling down between the mattress and wall, and also hear random noises and, at this moment, rain outside, because my head is right next to the window <3

One of the reasons I wanted to do this (or that, depending on perspective) is because of memories brought up from walking long ways home the past two nights of work. Thinking back to a couple years ago where I just started exploring those lengthier paths, and how they could take me past 7-11, or Sobeys, or Tim Hortons, or in some cases, all of them, and I'd buy snacks from all three, then come home, get up on my top bunk, and watch new episodes of MacGyver while eating my purchases. No worries about the time, money spent, or how the snacks would affect my weight. In fairness I could clear off my top bunk with a token amount of effort, but putting everything back nightly would get tiresome, unless I were to find some place to put all that stuff, and there won't be much space in the spare room even after I do clean it up and organize things somewhat.

As for the other two, money isn't so much a big deal right now, in that with our pay today I'll have just over $2,000. Also, I received an account statement from the bank today for my savings, which has something different on it, and a new total of some ~$12,000. It's that $5,000 GIC or whatever it is I "got" many years ago, and as far as I'm concerned, if they call me this year asking what I want to do with it, I'm going to tell them "Transfer it to my savings account if you can, or if not, I'll go in and take care of things at the branch". Logic would dictate telling them to keep it where it is, because I don't remember it's there unless specifically prompted, but all the same, I haven't touched a penny of my savings since transferring $2,000 into it at the start. I'm not going to either (saving money is, to me, more a matter of seeing how much I can acquire instead of having it set aside for some specific purpose), so I might as well try to simplify things a bit. Until then I'll be waiting for a phone call, of course, but at least now I have an answer ready instead of just saying "Oh, I'm not sure. Leave it where it is for now and call me back next year."

Then in terms of weight, I'm not using it as an excuse, but it's like my body is locked to 180 as a default amount. Either that, or such weight is simply what the amount of food I eat daily keeps me at, but I'm back up there again, although earlier this morning noticed I was down to 177 or so. Yeah. Once Spring and Summer come I might be shamed into losing some more by walking home without a shirt on, but for now I'm trying to cut back on snacks (I've lost count of how many times that makes it), and plan to at least walk out to Michener or something on my way home tomorrow. There was a bit on the radio the other night extolling the benefits of walking which I sadly missed, but that alone worked before, and I was eating more than I do now, but that's where the weight being directly related to food intake (and not metabolism and whatnot) comes in again.

Anyways, this is six paragraphs now, and I also should've been in bed an hour ago because we're leaving for haircuts at 1pm tomorrow. I'm torn between saying that's way too early and being glad we don't have to wait another week, but for tonight I won't go with either and wait to see how I feel in the morning~

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