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Good Shift...

I am so tired right now -_- I'm gonna try to make this short, seeing as I want to be in bed as soon as possible, because of what's going on tomorrow. I have to be at work for 4, and I still have to wash my uniform, so I want to wake up for one or 1:30, get that going, then just do whatever 'till 4. I suspect it'll be busy as well, seeing as it's New Years' Eve, but there's always a chance it won't be.

Tonight wasn't too bad though. We had pretty much everything done, when we closed, so we were out of there about quarter after 4. I cannot help but laugh when I think that both last night and tonight, Ange was supposed to work, but phoned in sick, and yet the night didn't go any worse without her. We all got to sit down for our breaks as well, although that was more sitting down, then getting up to make the orders for the cars that pulled in, then sitting down again, and repeating the process. For the most part, it was Erin and John on drive through, and me and Josh on line, but Erin started steaming for practice while I was back washing dishes.

Oh, and as well, both of them (Erin and John) were saying things about how they didn't like working with Heletia. Hell. According to Erin, she was on drive through one night, and was screwing everything up when she was handing out orders. As in, not checking against the receipt to make sure she had everything for whatever order, and as well, Mark's name was on the till, for whatever reason (I'm assuming it's because he was on drive through to start with, but had to do something else, and left Heletia in his place), and when the till was counted off, it was missing $14. Apparently Mark said he wasn't paying for it, and I don't blame him.

There is actually one fun note of interest tonight. I was on line, obviously, and about half an hour after I started, I noticed blue patches were starting to appear on my hands. I showed Erin, and she suggested it might've been from the beef scoop, but it was fine, so I shrugged it off. Some time after that, I noticed that when I was reaching up to bump an order from the board, my knuckles were brushing against the pan the hard taco shells were in, which had times written on it, in blue marker. I figured that must've been the cause of the blue stuff, then Josh hollers for me from the back (he was doing dishes), so I went back and looked in the wash sink, and there was a pan in it, and where it touched the bubbles and water, blue ink was leaking off of it. He said it's from Earl's dry erase marker. Weird, and really annoying. So, if any bit of someone's food was blue, that's the reason :p

I'm off to bed though. It's going to be at least a half hour before I actually fall asleep, so I might as well go now.

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