Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

My Notes were a Success

The new schedule was up at work last night to begin, on which Melissa has me closing Wednesday night, working 5-12 on Thursday, then having Friday through Sunday off before returning to normal closes again. Originally I liked the timing of our going away because it meant I would miss most of the day / supper managers' closing, but Steve's on all of next week until Manoah returns from his vacation, and Sheila, Mary, and Melissa are on their regular shifts. Which I suppose is still good, but leaves me wondering why. The only explanation that I can think of is that Melissa was thinking of temporarily promoting somebody while Manoah was gone, because Michelle's still on leave and he's going away as of getting done work tonight for a week, but he was also strongly opposed to their candidate, and because there's nobody else that wants to be a manager or could be considered for promotion, they're leaving things as is and just putting in a few extra hours instead. Just one possibility though.

So after seeing that I immediately phoned Mom to let her know, then started thinking more seriously about an idea I had the other night. Since I still have a full bottle of caramel syrup left, why not take the stuff there to make another one of those cakes? On the way home yesterday I decided that yes, I definitely would do that, but after I got back to the house and had a chance to think about things without losing concentration on what I was listening to on my PSP, realized that we are, in fact, going there for somebody's birthday to begin with, and in such, it could be inferred that they plan on making cake themselves or having somebody else bring one. Mind you, I still could then have even more food to eat, but as things stand now, I'm bringing two loaves of bread and a plate of cookie bars, which is quite enough without advance arrangements being planned.

Also with bread, as I finally noticed it last night, once I finish with this, I'll be taking my bread maker downstairs to make a loaf, which will then immediately go out to Taco Bell. As a present for Manoah, of course, because his birthday's next Thursday but, as mentioned in the paragraph above, he's leaving later tonight. Both that and also a quick run out to Giant Tiger while it's baking, because I withdrew $20 from the bank last night to go to 7-11 on the way home but never did, and I'd like some more chocolate bars and / or easter candy and / or pepperoni sticks. Could wait and go there later, but if things go as planned, I'll be using the latter half of this day off to clean up and organize the spare room, since it's now much more accessible, and I don't want it to look a terrible mess should somebody need to go in there for bedsheets or whatever.

Oh, and going back to the cake for a moment, as long as it keeps until then, I could make it again for Mothers' Day. As a surprise, of course, but that seems much more likely to happen. With that I'm going to take my breadmaker downstairs though, then see about doing other things for a bit so I can start it late enough that it'll be done by 8, so the bread stays warm until it gets unwrapped at work. Need to send Michele an email too about my days this coming week, but yeah. Breadmaker first~

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