Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Had Considered the Possibility

Started making bread shortly after 4, and it was done at 8:00. After washing out the pan and mixing blades, I put it (the bread) into a bag, then found a suitable small container and put some butter in it, figuring Manoah would see it as an "I'm making this because your birthday is next week, but it'd be rude to everybody else if you were the only one to get any" sort of thing. Or better put, that as James, Orlando, and Eryn were all working with them, he'd want to share it with everybody. Alas, I was wrong, because it had been whisked away into the back cabinet with a thank-you and mention that he might have a slice "later" but was going to save it otherwise, before I decided there was no point to waiting around and set out again. Just a little annoying, but perhaps some night coming up where I'm feeling sufficiently generous, I'll make another loaf but not give him any, citing the entire one he got to himself as reason why. I suppose that might sound mean though, so in all, I made it for him, and as such, once I passed the bag over it was his to do whatever he liked with. Meh.

In better news, I finally have this to show. I was thinking earlier tonight that I hadn't touched DeSmuME in so long I might as well have given up on finishing the rest, but I ended up opening it eventually and fiddling around with the last puzzle until I got it down to one square being wrong, and all I had to do after that was change the boxes around it until I found the proper arrangement. As well, I have more new icon-ish commissions to show, but that will probably not be until tomorrow, because I still have to respond to the artist then leave them feedback, followed by putting them all together like I did with those other icons recently, and that's on top of more important considerations.

Namely work, which I start at 5 tomorrow and go through until 11 with, followed by a somewhat familiar but still different long way home, because I intend to visit a certain Tim Hortons no matter what the weather is like <3 Already have $10 set aside, so I only need to get out there and hope they have a fair selection. Also, at present I would at least like to visit Value Village on Monday afternoon, to look for a new pair of pants and possibly another shirt as well. I have it all worked out in my head that neither pair of pants I wear around right now are suitable for the weekend (the legs of one look too "ratty", and I wore the other ones last time), so I need to find a new outfit. The problem is finding something I'm going to wear on a regular basis after I buy it.

For tonight though, I'm going to take care of that commission stuff then head to bed. Apparently the clocks changed tonight, and I'm not sure whether they went back or forward, which means I might end up being late for work tomorrow. The one right here says it's 7, so I'll go with that, but Sheila might have different thoughts. We'll see tomorrow, I guess~

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