Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Never Hurts to Ask

Alternate title: I need a reference sheet. That commission mentioned in my previous entry won't be the first one now where I've neglected to specify some important point, and as such end up having to ask for some significant change after it's all done. In this case, "it" is five chibi-style icons, and while telling the artist what I wanted, was quite pleased that I actually remembered to specify the fur being white and not gray. What I forgot, however, was to make note of the spots, so in the icons I have right now, they're all complete circles, some of which are filled with brown. They have, thankfully, offered to fix them, which I'll have to wait until Wednesday for, but that's quite fine, and if money permits, I'll send them another five to ten dollars as compensation.

As for the alternate title, no more than five minutes before leaving for work, I bought a "basic character sheet" auction on Furbid for $20, sent the money, and an email to say it might take me a day or so to make sure I had accounted for all the details, but they're fine with that. Then they went on to ask for my "FA account name" so they could add me to their commissions list, and I'm still a bit bemused with that. The artist is the same one who drew those mood icons not too long ago, and I told them then as well that I didn't have an account there. Although I actually told them twice, so I guess their asking a third time does make sense. Oh well. It's not a big deal because if nothing else they can add a non-linking entry to their list or something. It has been done before.

Moving away from commissions, as it's now almost 7 in the morning, I can safely say there is but one thing I will do tomorrow no matter what the consequences. Sleep in. Even if doing so gives me just enough time to wake up and jump in the shower before heading out to Value Village, I could barely pull myself out of bed today and would rather not repeat that tomorrow. On top of that, sure enough, it immediately got busy when I started work, so for that hour or so, I was moving quite quickly, but right after it died down, I became extremely tired and stayed that way for the rest of the night. Until leaving for home, that is, which was, to a certain extent, new tonight. I went this way, and did indeed buy a couple things at the Tim Hortons on Bloomfield <3 Sort of seemed like a long walk to get out there (from Keil, that is), but going back seemed to pass by much more quickly, and the first time for any route always seems to take longer.

Anyways, I can't bear to stay up for another minute, so I'm off to bed with hopes that I can sleep straight through 'till whatever time in the afternoon without waking up once. ~7:30 to 4 or 5 would be really nice~

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