Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Day Isn't Enough

About the only thing that will get me through working the next three days is the thought of having the weekend off. Something about closing two nights then working with Mary for three hours on Thursday is grossly unappealing, although at least I have walking home to look forward to <3 I've gotten back into what could be called my old ways again, which are mostly taking some lengthy route home regardless of the time. At present it's because I'm still listening to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on my PSP, and am quite into it right now ^^ Anybody passing by on my way home would not be unlikely to see me either grinning widely at some funny part, or frowning at something bad or annoying. The only problem is that I've missed some details of one or two chapters, so while I know the characters "Rince" and "Drinian" are on the "good side", I have no idea who they actually are. Also, even though I'm on only the third book out of seven, the point will come eventually where I've listened to all of them, and will have to go back to music. Or rather would now. Just a few minutes ago I did some quick searching around on Google and found audiobook torrents for a series I borrowed from the library a very very long time ago. Wikipedia has a page for it here, and even now I'm quite looking forward to eventually listening to them and seeing what bits are familiar.

All of that being said, I can't download any more torrents until the beginning of April, but might have to make an exception for the books, as they're only 1.17GB in total. Now, still on the general computer stuff topic, it looks like I'll need to completely reinstall XP again sometime soon. Either that, or just Firefox, which would be much easier, but I've picked up a piece of malware from someplace that redirects almost all of my Google search results. I was able to find a program that was purported to fix the problem, and in fairness it does, but only until I restart Firefox. Thinking further now, I could easily add a startup entry to run that program whenever I restart my laptop or run my script to fix the taskbar (although I haven't had to do that in a while for having found an easier way), which I suppose is what I'll do until I really absolutely cannot put it off anymore. Probably some night I get bored in all likelihood, but we'll see then.

As for today, I've done precious little in terms of productive things, but did at least go out to Value Village earlier. Looked around for a bit, and grabbed several pairs of pants as well as a couple shirts to try on, then on the way over to the changing rooms, reached down to feel my pocket and realized I'd brought my PSP instead of wallet along. Dad was there, thankfully (I had asked him for a ride), and figured he would be willing to pay provided I compensated him upon getting home, and sort of wondered why he gave me $30 instead of waiting in line with me and using his debit card, but only after getting home, going out to the bank and Tim Hortons, then doing other things in my room for about half an hour did I remember he and Mom refuse to even have those chip cards, for what can only be described as religious reasons. But in the end the only change it made to me was buying only one pair of pants and one shirt, which was really all I planned to get there in the first place, so it worked out.

I am going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow though, so it's about time for bed right now. Not without some Be-Pachi Music, because I haven't played it for a couple days, but after that for sure~

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