Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Always Have an Excuse

And I suppose there really is no good answer. Walking home from work tonight took me out to Michener, and from there, or at least what I'd planned at first, further out to Indian Creek after that, but I got as far as halfway down Grand Ave East before deciding I had more important things to do, and would therefore skip the second part of the walk. However, I've done nothing at all that could be seen as productive since I made it home, but it was still a ~7km walk gone on mostly for the purpose of listening to more of that story, and in that regard, it was quite fun <3 A little bit creepy too though, because the timing was just right that, as I was making my way along the latter half of McNaughton (between the school and Michener), was listening to a chapter of the story having to do with a "dark island", and the picture they were painting (metaphorically) was almost frightening when combined with my surroundings. Most of it came from the presence of this really bright light out past Michener street, which I've seen many times before, but each time it appears to be in a different position. Earlier tonight it was the closest it's ever been, but then others (such as the first night I saw it), it'll be way off in the distance. Probably just signs or lights from houses, but with no way of saying for sure I can't help thinking of other explanations.

I probably shouldn't complain about the conditions though, because needless to say, walking to work when it was still light out at 7 was a bit unsettling. It just makes me think "This night is going to go on forever", and get to work which will be amazingly busy. It wasn't so much tonight, or at least until I started, because shortly after that, the supper rush came, and once all the orders in it were dealt with, had somebody come through with one for ~$56. She gave both Orlando and I a dollar though, which I'm not sure how I should feel about. It's not common to get tips for making food, but all the same, to make almost the whole order on my own gives me some feeling of entitlement. Then much later I think Steve was trying to skip cars, but I'll continue playing dumb and making things difficult for him <3

As for Heart and Stroke, there's one single thing I wish I could do to select canvassers. Call them and pointedly ask why they can't fill in their entire address (postal code and telephone number, namely), or manage to misspell their own names. Alot of those things came up today, but I finished with that whole bundle, so maybe tomorrow will go a bit better. Well, it won't because IE8's inline search is horribly slow whenever I use it, as well as the browser locking up for a good minute if I try to search for a canvasser based on their phone number. Yeah. It's annoying, but despite that, my goal is, as with a couple years ago, to have everything done by the time I go to London for that day in April.

That might be kind of optimistic as yet, but the thought is nice, and it gives me immediate reason to go there three times a week where possible. I just wish I could view picking out details for that reference sheet commission mentioned previously as being so easy, and really it should be, but as soon as I get home and want to put all of them into an email, I decide other things sound more entertaining and put it off even longer. At any rate, I've given myself a deadline of Friday, but with not actually closing on Thursday I'll have some more time then, and would like that to be taken care of before we go to Brantford. Also I might have the fixed versions of those chibi style icons to show tomorrow, but if I do, I'll upload them, and if not, will wait a bit longer. I'll just have to see if anything's changed when I wake up tomorrow~

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