Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Three Days After All

Somewhat displeased with the way things went earlier. Originally I was going to head all the way out to Keil on the way home, but turned at Woods instead, because I had a headache and didn't at all feel like going the long way. It is only one night though, and to be fair I've cause to be up as early as the past couple days again tomorrow. Michele wants me to come in for an hour, which was decided after I told her that, should she be able to fix the problems I'd encountered, she could email me and I'd come in for a bit, but then she said I might as well just come in for an hour anyways, and I stared at her for a bit while trying to decide if I should say "Well, I was going to sleep in a bit tomorrow". I suppose it'll work, because that hour should be enough time for me to finish up the second pile of sheets I started on today, and I'll be leaving once they're done regardless of the time.

I don't expect work to be anything out of the ordinary, aside from possibly leaving early if everything else gets done in time, and after that, I will, if only by walking down St. Clair to the bridge then going around from there, head out to Indian Creek on the way home, and maybe get a drink from Tim Hortons with the change I have left from last week. On the walking note, I also need to find some way of loosening up my shoes a bit, because the left one keeps rubbing up against my little toe, and eventually hurts a great deal. Whether it be by stuffing paper towel or somesuch into them so they don't move around at all, or completely re-lacing them, I'll probably look into that tomorrow.

Another thing I might leave until then is uploading a picture of those icons, because I have the corrected ones, and they're exactly what I was hoping for, but only as separate files, and that won't do. Although it's curious how I was looking for a PSD to PNG converter (one that would preserve the layers), and couldn't find anything, but now I have three options. The first is ImageMagick, the second is a plugin for Paint.NET, and the third, a program called Pixelformer. Finding a composite converter probably would've been easier, but each layer being separate is what I needed most.

My headache is back with a vengeance though (such that it's causing me to use clichés <3), so I'm off to bed a little early. One more day to go and I can finally sleep in for a couple extra hours, but that still seems like so much time. Just one email to send, and I'm done~

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