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Not so much to do with music tonight, but at the moment I'm extremely tired and would be asleep as such if I didn't want to take care of a few things now so I don't have to worry about them tomorrow. To be fair I had most of the night for that, but as with my past two shifts, I had this big burst of energy around 8, which lasted only until the customers stopped coming in, and then I started feeling exhausted. Although if anything certain conditions tonight would be partly to blame.

Checked the deployment sheet when I got there to see that I would be on drive through over supper, which was fine with me, so I did that until 8. Then Steve came in and decided he'd put Orlando on it from then until close, have James on front cash, and leave the two of us to take care of line. Or rather I should say me, because up until my final half hour he helped with only a couple orders. Dear Steve: I've been on line the past two nights, and while there's no way of saying for certain, I'm pretty sure that's because you don't want to have to deal with all the mini crunchwraps and other orders. Twice in a row is mostly okay, but a third time, for all of three hours which I suspect was entirely because you wanted me to get certain parts of it ready for closing and save you the work, isn't. I left at 11 though, and if they were busy after that, oh well.

Next shift I work will be with Manoah anyways, but he probably won't be too happy, first of all for not having made it to Toronto for his vacation (something about problems with transportation), and also how George written in as a manager on the newest schedule, which he is, to say the least, vehemently opposed to. I don't particularly care, as long as I'll be left to take care of my tasks as with all the other managers, but there's still a week or so between now and him being sufficiently trained on how to do the paperwork and whatnot to be on a close by himself. Or so I assume that's what he's doing, because I can't picture Steve staying on closes much longer. Regardless, I have three days off now, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday quite a bit <3

Getting away from work now, Heart and Stroke this afternoon was an amazing waste of time, because I voided three or four kits, recorded the used receipts for another one, and left a somewhat more detailed note of a problem before heading home. There's one kit with no name on it, with the number 501619081, I think. For all of those thus far (kits without names), they've been assigned to Kit, as she's in charge of the P2P stuff this year, and had all twenty receipts voided. However, for that particular one, if I try to assign it to her, IRIS says the number is already in use, but I've checked and checked again, two days in a row now, and it is most certainly not. A problem which is made all so much better by Kit insisting we shouldn't be doing anything with the kits that don't have names on them. Pardon me, but I've been doing this for at least five years now. This is the way it's done. Should you feel differently, have a seat at the computer and make the necessary changes, but you might want to run the idea by Michele first, because she'll tell you the same thing I am. Maybe that sounds a bit of overreacting, but being told "You're doing it wrong" by somebody that doesn't even completely understand what I'm doing is annoying. Still, I'm also done going there until Tuesday, so hopefully my sleeping patterns aren't entirely biased to have me wake up at 1pm again.

Anyways, the only other thing for tonight is this picture. As the description says, taking care of two things at once, and I'll upload the full-size versions of those icons tomorrow. It's much too early right now, and I still want to at least start writing another email before I head off to bed, so I'll get going on that now, and hope ten minutes is enough time. Should be, then I can sleep until 4 or so, because I've needed it for the past week and then some~

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