Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Sleeping in Never Comes

It's like nothing changed at all from last night. I'm still extremely tired, and would like nothing better than to go to bed now and sleep in through to tomorrow afternoon, but can't do that because I still have bread baking downstairs, and also hope those cookie bars have set by the same time. After that I also need to grab my laundry from the dryer, take a shower and shave, and, if I can think of what to say, respond to an email I got earlier containing the sketch of my reference sheet. Although to tell the truth I'm leaning much more towards saying "Thanks for that, and I'll get back to you with what I think on Sunday afternoon". There's still no set time for our departure tomorrow, because it "all depends on when Naomi's papers get dropped off", but I'd like to wake up at 9, 10 if possible, in hopes that would give me enough time to run down to Tim Hortons or 7-11. As for going places when I get back, unless I suddenly wind up being wide awake, that'll all be left until Sunday. There isn't much I actually want right now though, so I may not go at all, but we'll see then.

Baking things was a bit frustrating after the first loaf of bread, because for whatever reason, the machine didn't reset itself, so when I poured in everything for the second loaf, it was still quite hot, and started to puff up after only a couple minutes. So I threw all that out, and also did the same with my previous attempt, where I added the oil straight away, when it's supposed to be poured in ten minutes after the yeast. I didn't have any problems with the cookie bars, fortunately, but it remains to be seen if they'll have cooled completely by the time I go down there, because I'd rather they were a surprise to at least Mom and Dad which won't be possible if they have to be left in the fridge overnight. I think for the next one of these trips I'll just book the days off and stay here

Anyways, I think this entry will be one of those unusually short ones, so I can go take care of all those things and still have an hour or so afterwards to myself for whatever. Oh, and I was also informed that the van is broken again, so we're taking some small car up to Brantford and back. Yeah. As long as nothing happens to that small car as well, I'll pass the time by listening to music or something. Maybe even playing a game on my DS for the first time in a long while, because I downloaded that Phoenix Wright spinoff game featuring Edgeworth instead (can't remember the name right now), but haven't played it yet. Or I could also end up sleeping the entire way there, but there's no time to be speculating about the possibilities right now. I have things to do, and at very least, my laundry will be done~

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