Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Google Maps is Much Easier

I was tasked with giving Dad directions yesterday, because everybody else sat in the back, leaving the front seat to me for some reason. The first step was correct (turn off at a certain point to get to highway 24), but then the second said we should turn left at a road with an Esso on the corner. However, said gas station was well down the street. Keeping that in mind, I literally just looked up directions on Google Maps, and they're exactly the same as what we were given to get back to the 403 on the way home. Why couldn't whoever gave us the directions do that? Don't rely on your memory alone, because it'll probably be wrong. At least double check what you think is right, because from what I hear, everybody got lost at some point getting there. Methinks in that case the problem lies with your directions and not their ability to navigate. That aside, everybody had fun, and that's all I feel like saying for now.

As for today, I'm waiting first of all on word from Furbid's admin(s) regarding problems I'm having with my account (either that, or I'm just being really impatient), and also plan on going to Tim Hortons again when I finish writing this. Reason? I went there yesterday morning for a sandwich and a drink. My exact order was a turkey bacon club toasted on whole wheat, no tomatoes, and a large café mocha. When I got home, I found that I'd been given a sandwich with tomatoes, and bacon only on half, as well as a large hot chocolate. Indeed. But I couldn't be bothered calling them, because it wouldn't have been worth it and I didn't know when everybody else would be getting back from having gone out for breakfast. Didn't get anything on the way to Brantford or going back home again either, because I ate too much there, and was much too tired upon going home to think about going out anywhere.

Sleeping was pretty weird to begin with last night though, so hopefully tonight I can fix that simply by staying up until 8, getting out of bed at 2, and letting my body sort itself out from there. We got home around 11:30, and at 12:15 I decided to take a nap until 1:00 or so. I can't remember for certain, but I think I woke up then, but couldn't muster the effort to stay awake, which repeated itself several times. Then I woke up at 10 feeling ready to go, but knew I'd just be tired again in an hour if I did get out of bed, and so went back to sleep, which started a string of waking up every half hour from then until 1:30. Couple that with the frustration regarding Furbid mentioned above as well as not having anything else to focus on, and I find myself wishing I worked tonight just to effect a little familiarity.

Walking down to Tim Hortons should help with that though, and also, I should have some pictures to upload later tonight, of those chibi icons, and the sketch of my character sheet. Just thinking about those plans is making things feel more typical already, so here's to hoping it continues~

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