Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Today is Bad Already

I haven't even done anything related to my taxes yet, but even so received a piece of mail today stating that I owe $58.14. Apparently that can be paid at the bank though, so I'll take care of that on the way in, then on one of those afternoons later this week where I have a 5-11 shift, leave an hour or so early to stop by H&R Block. I honestly have no idea what's going on, and it is kind of annoying to be told "You owe us money!" when I've been waiting until we get paid again to even start taking care of that stuff. I'm also in an irritable mood today because I've received one single email between yesterday afternoon and now that doesn't help solve any of those problems I was having. Oh, and finally, I ended up calling it a night at 5, and from there slept until 7, then the waking up every half hour started again. I'm still not sure why that's happening, but now my hopes have switched to that walking home from work a long way will help, as will the thought of having to wake up early tomorrow afternoon to go to Heart and Stroke.

On which note, Tuesday and Wednesday will be all in terms of going there for this week, because while I can't remember the rest of my schedule, I know I work a supper shift on Thursday, and am not about to put in another hour then. It would be nice to see this other volunteer help with the reconciliation part, because then we'd be getting through the piles of receipts much more quickly, but alas, it seems like there's always some other task that needs to be done first. That is to say, I still like the idea of getting the entire thing done by myself as with past years, but have that deadline of April 29th set for myself, which I'm not certain about meeting at this point. Oh, and speaking of the 29th, I should have half the money I plan to take to London then put away by the end of this week. ~$75 of my pay is going to various auction-related stuff, and I get to keep the rest, thanks to having given Mom her $30 last week, and this being the second pay of the month. There are those other expenses described above as well, but counting everything together would be about $250, and that's still less than what I would be giving Dad if the month had just started.

The one good thing (thus far) about today is the weather. Cold and rainy, which will make for a pleasant walk to and from work, as that about sums up the mood I'm in <3 That could all change if I'd get a reply to just one email, but I'll just try to be patient and see if there's anything new to be found when I get home. For now, back to the same diversions as yesterday. Then I'll probably leave for work early so I have lots of time to stop by the bank, but we'll see later. And as for those icons, I'm getting there. One's done, and I'm pretty sure I'm waiting on an updated sketch of the character sheet, so I'll upload both at once whenever I get that. Maybe as early as tomorrow morning~

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