Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Rain is a Good Thing

Looking back on today at a whole, walking to work was easily the best part. Something about the dismal conditions and still being angry but not wanting to show in in case I somebody should walk by me and I'd leave them wondering why I looked so pissed off, as well as, coupled with the previous, listening to very angry music and marveling at how what amounted to controlled chaos was helping me sort my thoughts out and improve my mood with each step that passed by <3 Then I went to the bank and found they were closed, but decided I still had more than enough time to go to the one across from Taco Bell, and did, where I took care of that payment with no difficulties at all.

Work was about the same as it normally is, being a mix of fun and aggravation, the latter of which came mostly from customers not being able to understand the phrase "I'll be with you in just a second". That's something I've written about before though, so I won't bother here, and instead say that closing with Manoah for the first time in about a week was fun for hearing all of his thoughts about George being promoted and how it was shaping up to not be a good idea already. Apparently he (George) and Sheila worked over supper yesterday night, but she decided to leave him in charge of the shift, so when Manoah got there, the place was a mess and there were many things sitting about in the middle that were only half-finished (prep work, that is - not food). Ang used to do the same, but as for George, he's still being trained right now, but I promised Manoah that once he starts getting put on closes on his own (without another manager), I'll make sure the store is cleaned to usual standards if he doesn't. Oh, and also, Josh has apparently been fired from one of the stores in London. Yeah. He's supposed to be around on Easter weekend, so I'll either have to plan to be out busy somewhere, or be prepared to hear about that.

Outside of work, nothing has changed with those issues regarding Furbid, but that's something I need to go over in detail, as I may be useful to refer to soon enough.

a] On March 15th, I sent a message to the seller of an auction I was interested in, specifying my alternate email address as the one they could reply to. That got me to thinking I should change the address in my account settings as well, so I did, then as directed, clicked the link that was sent to me to reactivate my account.
b] Skip ahead to yesterday (March 21st) morning. Said seller and I had been discussing details of a commission, deciding that I'd bid on the auction at the last moment, assuming nobody did before me, as that way they'd get feedback one way or the other. At ten minutes to (or so), I placed a bid, and the remaining time went by without incident.
c] Once the auction ended, I switched to Gmail and navigated to the settings page to check my alternate account for any new messages. None were to be found, so I waited, figuring there might be some unforeseen delay. After some waiting that seemed to not be the case, so I went back to my account settings, filled in my real email address again, was informed I should click the validation link I was sent once more, and switched back to Gmail a second time to see no such message.
d] Later that same afternoon, I got tired of waiting and sent a message to the admin using the on-site contact form. I gave my real address in the reply-to field, and went about my business.
e] Waking up this (March 22nd) afternoon, I still hadn't received a reply, but decided to wait a little bit longer just in case. Nothing came though, so I instead used the email address provided on the "how to contact the admin" page to send them an email explaining the situation and asking if they could help.
f] Later that afternoon again, I noticed the "Lost password" link on the login page, and tried using it, specifying my real email address once more. It has now been more than 12 hours since I did that, and I haven't received any more messages from them.

So as far as I can tell, I'm simply locked out of my account. No warning, no response from the administration explaining why, and no way to even know what my password is now to even try and log in. That could mean there's just something wrong with Furbid's mailing system, and I could very well get a whole bunch of messages at once eventually, but unless the admin responds to my email, I don't know what to do but apologize to those artists I have commissions going with right now (three) about not being able to leave them feedback, and create a new account. Something which is apparently forbidden without express consent from the admin, but I'll wait for a bit before I do that.

I'm also expecting an email from somebody on eBay, so perhaps I should just take this as a sign to stay very far away from auction sites after this. Certainly seems like a good idea, because at the moment they're nothing but trouble, with a little sliver of good mixed in.

Continuing without the dramatics, things tonight, at this very moment, are exactly where they were yesterday. It's just about 5 in the morning, and if I didn't know it was a bad idea, I'd be planning to go to bed when I finished this entry. With Heart and Stroke in the morning though, I'd rather not get only two hours of uninterrupted sleep. It's really the issues mentioned above, because as soon as I even slightly wake up, I think "Oh, I should check my email", but there's never anything new. Anyways, I have something else to do before I go to bed, and after that will probably tidy up my desktop because there's a bunch of music on it now that needs to be sorted out. Then bed, maybe half an hour early because that still sounds amazing. Definitely another side effect of our trip on the weekend, but at any rate, I have things to do~

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