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This Could Work Too

Leaving work tonight involved Manoah having to go back inside several times after setting the alarm for various things (forgetting his cigarette in the bathroom, not printing the close report, and wanting to make sure the safe was shut), and after that, running across the street to the bank where I withdrew $100 for him. Well, technically for his entire family, because they're looking into getting a new car (one that's used, that is), but the lady selling it wouldn't take any less than $400, and they only had three. So he asked if he could borrow that amount until our next pay, and I said yes, because all other things aside, I don't mind as long as I know I'll be getting paid back. What occurred to me after that was in so doing, I gave away (or lent out) the $100 I would've been setting aside for the end of April, but it still won't make a difference, as I'll either put $200 in my wallet on our next pay, or set aside what he'll be paying me back, and get the rest two weeks after that. Something that effect, but yeah. Things to keep in mind.

Also on this note of people wanting things from me, George has another list of music he'd like me to download. Or rather he has some 50 CDs to fill, and I presume can't download the music on his own. I told him he'd have to wait until May or so, as we'd be switching over to Teksavvy then, but that reminds me, if anything, how quickly April is approaching. What with Bell's 30 day advance warning thing, I'll be calling them at the beginning of that month, which is only a week away right now. I'll admit I'm not as eager to switch as before, for having become used to downloading only a certain amount of stuff each month, but Dad and Adam, if not Naomi as well, are all waiting for the change, so it wouldn't do to change my mind at this late date.

Moving on, one immediate thing I am looking forward to is going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow. Made it through at least 100 sheets today (most of them were completely void and all assigned to Kit though), and have little enough left in my current pile that I'll be able to finish them tomorrow. Then after that I hope to go grocery shopping, as Thursday won't work with having a supper shift, and any more will come next week. That may sound like a typical afternoon, but to compare it to something else, it was like walking to work yesterday. I was still rather angry, but had no choice except to focus on what I was doing, and as I noticed how much progress I was making started becoming quite pleased with myself, and it continued from there throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Speaking of problems, all of Furbid (except for the admin contact page) is now down, or at least that's what I see. Chalk up one more point for the "Something wrong with the entire site" theory (I did notice the forum was utterly inundated with spam), along with having received a reply to my email. An automated reply from Gmail saying the "recipient server did not accept their connection request", but those two things are enough to show that I may have simply run into a string of bad luck. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see about anything else though, because it's 6, and I'm very tired but at least still awake, so I'm going to bed. In about five minutes~

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