Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Such an Odd Message

It's almost like Paypal is thanking me for removing my Mastercard, but as soon as I get the permanent version of my Visa, it will be added in, and I'll have a chance to see whether or not they say thanks again. Speaking of which, the thought just occurred to me that when we do switch to Teksavvy, I'll most likely be paying with that card, so I'll have to make sure there's even more on there at all times. More on top of that too considering the price for the modem and whatnot right at the beginning, but I suppose if worse comes to worse, that just means I won't have $2,000 in my bank account at the end of April. No big deal, but the minimum wage does go up at the end of March, so with any luck I'll be closer than if it had remained the same.

Also, I have decided to leave for work tomorrow early so I can go to H&R Block then, and maybe head around to Sobeys on the way home because they have pita chips I really want a couple more bags of. Had I any less resolve, I would've gone to 7-11 earlier tonight and thus ruined my appetite for said chips tomorrow, and at first I was quite pleased with myself for deciding not to go, but then I spent ~$30 online, so it about evens out. At least I didn't buy food though <3 Finally this category of spending money, I'm thinking about going back up to Real Canadian Superstore on the weekend. They have 6-packs of pop out there priced at 2 for $5 which seems like a really good deal, and I did purchase two today, but I'd like to get more so I have enough to last for quite a while. Although I still have some cans of Amp left over from way back when we were giving them out with the box meals at work, and if they've lasted this long, the pop could go well into summer.

Next, since it's somewhat related to the above, those problems with Furbid have been fixed. I noticed the site was back up when I woke up today, so I switched over to Gmail and refreshed the page, which caused the several messages I've been waiting on for the past couple days to appear in the appropriate categories. Everything too, but Gmail still says it can't deliver the messages I sent to the @furbid.ws address, so I still might get a response to them eventually and have to explain that everything is alright now. There is, however, no progress to speak of in regards to those commissions, but one I won way back in February has finally progressed past the stage of me explaining what I want, because the artist had to catch up on their other work.

You might think knowing those problems had been solved would give me incentive to work even harder at Heart and Stroke, but no. I left at 4 so we'd have plenty of time to go get groceries, but in the two hours I was there still managed to finish another two piles of papers, which is enough progress for any day. Unfortunately, I haven't done as much with the rest of my night off, but as I still have an hour (more or less) before bedtime, am off again to continue reading the stories in this thread. I started into it earlier, but eventually they started getting the better of me, so I decided it was time for a break. Now it'll be time for bed by the time they do, and it'll be interesting to see if having those things fresh in my mind will be the cause of any strange dreams. Quite possibly, but I'll find out for certain shortly~

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