Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I've Been Putting these Off

I guess it shouldn't be surprising that things turn out this way. Couldn't think of anything to write about earlier, so I started uploading two pictures I've been meaning to for the past week, then remembered something about work that I'm not looking forward to, and suddenly lost interest in the pictures after that. As they are already uploaded, however, those chibi icons can be seen here, and the sketch of my reference sheet over here, but the latter is protected, so you may not be able to. Later tonight I'll have to make icons out of the former, but for now, I have less than an hour to go before heading out to work, so it can wait.

The thing I am not looking forward to in regards to going there today is working with Sheila. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't care, because Mary and I got on well enough last night for a couple hours, so there's no reason Sheila and I wouldn't be able to as well, but it's not quite that easy this time. Apparently there's some problem with her laptop, which I found a quickly scrawled note on the chest in the front hall about the other day. It says her installation of XP is corrupt, and that she, presumably, wants to know if I can fix it. Possibly, but no, I'm not going to try. Unless I can say what the problem is and how to fix it without even looking at the computer. If it were my own laptop, then fine, because it's not a big deal even if I do mess things up to the point of having to reinstall XP, but I don't want to risk making things worse with anybody else's. The best part about this note is how I'm told Josh asked Adam to leave it for me.

So in sum Sheila might bring that up tonight, but if she does I'll just tell her what I said up there about not wanting to make things worse. Other than that, I'd love so very much for work to go about the same this afternoon as it did yesterday. For the first time in almost a week I didn't become extremely tired after working hard for only a couple hours, and had a decent shift altogether aside from ten minute orders at one point, but only because a small rush of large orders came in all at once. Then after that, I was mulling over how to get home while changing out of my uniform, and had almost decided to take the direct route and stop by 7-11 along the way, but quickly realized I'd hate myself for not going out to Sobeys, so I did. Bought pita chips and a couple other things there, then went straight home and found that I'd walked that entire route in about an hour and ten minutes. Maybe not the best time ever, but stopping at Sobeys took close to ten minutes of that time, and my shoes are still a bit tight in certain conditions, but after a point any discomfort they were causing vanishes, and doesn't come back provided I stay at roughly the same speed.

Oh, and as for what I started out with yesterday regarding Paypal and my Visa card, guess what I found on the counter when I woke up yesterday? An envelope from Money Mart. Upon logging into their website and activating it, I immediately went over to Paypal and put it in there as well, and in turn, received another email from them ending with "Thanks" shortly after that. Now, one of the other things in the envelope was a little DirectLoad form that I was going to discard at first, but since then I've had the thought of eventually using it to put money from my pay directly onto my card each month to pay for the internet once we switch. That would definitely be easier than going to the store all the time, but one of the problems with such right now is if they would transfer that money each pay (in which case I'd have to split the internet cost in half), or if I can specify it as being once a month. I might find out soon enough anyways, because unless it still hasn't switched yet, my monthly fee was never changed, so I'll have to go back there in April and ask about both at once. Finally on this topic of money, the results of going to H&R Block yesterday are (I think) getting slightly over $300 back. Maybe not the highest amount compared to others, but I'll be quite happy to get that as long as it's before the end of April.

Anyways, I have an email to reply to here, and should start getting ready for work soon as well, so I'm off to do those. Hopefully the rest of today turns out as well as writing this did~

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