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More Incentive to Go Out

Despite what I said yesterday, I still wound up having access to Sheila's laptop for several hours earlier this afternoon. We were discussing the problem at work on Friday (I didn't have much choice, for being put on line with her for my whole shift), and she told me all that needed to be done was reinstalling XP. So I figured "Okay, maybe I can help her after all" which brings us up to this afternoon.

At first it wouldn't boot past the POST screen at all (or rather it would, only to be stuck at a screen with nothing but a blinking cursor), so I fiddled around with the BIOS a bit and tried running the hard drive tests provided therein, before getting frustrated and deciding that maybe I should transfer the hard drive to this laptop. No such luck though, because the connectors were different, and I decided to stop making attempts at the hardware side of things then and there, because when I first turned my laptop back on after that, it wouldn't boot, but then I turned it off, removed the USB cable from the side, and pressed the power button again to see everything go as it was supposed to.

After that, I moved Sheila's laptop to the floor, on top of a pair of pants, because I was just going to grab a backpack from the spare room, but figured I'd try turning it on one last time, and, for some weird reason, it went straight to the "Windows didn't shut down properly last time. What do you want to do?" screen. I elected to start with the last known good configuration, which didn't go anywhere, as did the normal startup option, so then I grabbed my XP CD again, put it in the drive and waited for all the files to load, only to watch it get stuck at the "Setup is starting Windows..." stage. A little more patience might have seen progress beyond that made, but I didn't have any, because I took the CD back out, turned the laptop off, and went downstairs to grab the phone so I could ask Sheila what she wanted me to do. They, however, were terribly busy (at work), so I decided there was no sense in waiting, and went back up to my room where I packed it up and walked out to Taco Bell.

She wasn't terribly thrilled about the problem not being fixed, saying that she'd ask Josh if he had any advice, but "If I couldn't fix it...", and then I grabbed a glass of water and talked to Melissa about the schedule before heading out to Shoppers and then back home.

Now that the story's over, I refer you to the title. The incentive here comes in with Josh's plans to be here next weekend. [deity] knows if he runs into me, he'll not only use the chance to ask why I'm still living at home, but also say something about how I couldn't fix the problem, and I don't want to endure that, so I'll definitely go about my plans to be outside. Or for all I know he could want to talk about losing his job at Taco Bell instead and this new one he's found (an office position, from what Sheila says), so we'll see. All I know is that with my schedule for the next week as it is, all of my afternoons are going to be spent at one of three places: in bed, at Heart and Stroke, or at work. I have more supper shifts than closes at the latter this week, and for Heart and Stroke, I'm going there Monday and Thursday (I think) afternoon. Sleeping is still atypical compared to what it used to be lately too, but I slept until 3 today, so I'm hoping that's a sign things are returning to normal. Chances are my body was just tired though, which is a different topic.

I've begun to wonder if I really did walk that route out to Michener then Indian Creek in one hour and thirty minutes the first time I went along it. I've been out that way 3 more since, and each time I feel as if I've walked such a long distance by the time I get home. My longest route before that one was 1.4km shorter, which doesn't seem like much, but I still can't accept having walked ~11km in 90 minutes. Two hours is better, which was my approximate time last night, but even that's good compared to Google Maps' estimate of two hours and twelve minutes. Oh, and speaking of which, I finally noticed yesterday night that there's street view for Chatham. I don't recall there being such before, but it's fun to look around with that, in a novelty-ish sort of way <3 Getting back to the walk though, yeah. It's fun, and the best part last night was making it to the intersection of Indian Creek and Lacroix, then turning the corner and thinking about how I was on the final stretch, but I'm already looking into streets that go beyond my "limits" right now. The first will be heading out to Keil Drive North, and taking that all the way down to Tweedsmuir, but not until Tuesday or Wednesday, as I have a blister that needs time to heal first. At least my shoes seem to be more comfortable lately, but wearing two socks on each foot is now proving to be a bad idea.

As for things tonight, I've done nothing productive outside of backing things up, and that's only because I tried installing Firefox 3 again, which lasted for all of half an hour because even thinking of messing around with userChrome.css again was giving me a headache. Firefox 2 may not be supported by Youtube anymore, and Twitter certainly doesn't approve either, but I will keep using it until I have no other choice. Such as if Gmail were to stop supporting it as well. It works, and along with backing stuff up I also added that GooredFix program to the startup menu which should hopefully help to solve the one problem I've been continuing to have. Other than that, it's getting a bit late now so I'm going to finish this here and copy a couple other folders (Gmail backups) to the appropriate external drive. Then probably cleaning up a bit, but I'll worry about all that on my own and not mention every last thing I'm going to do before going to bed in here. I'll need somewhere to start tomorrow anyways~

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