Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Good to Bad to Good Again

All in all, today has been a mix of things. The very first bad part was going to Heart and Stroke and finding two other volunteers already at the front (normally there's only one until I get there) who both gave me incredulous "Who are you to be back here?" looks, but I asked Kit what could be done to free up a computer for me to work on, as Michele was out at the bank, and she rearranged us with enough time to spare that I was well into the next pile of sheets by the time Michele returned. Then one of the good parts was having to explain to her that I was, in fact, not seeking more day shifts at work, but rather trying to explain that I'd asked them for either more closes or full days off between Tuesday and Thursday so I could get more of the P2P work done. She looked honestly worried at first, but no. As much as I may dislike waking up early some afternoons to go there, we're on at least 5 years now, and I'm not about to quit that just because my work schedule won't permit.

The rest of my "shift" thereafter went smoothly, up until the last fifteen minutes when Kit and I were the only ones left (she was to lock up at 5), who apparently got bored and decided to talk to me for that last bit of time about my "costume", in her words. Up until this point I haven't minded being asked at all, but being questioned while I'm quite focused on my work is a little more bothersome. I kept at it though, and once again had just enough time to finish the pile I was working on and finish up for the day, which will be repeated again on Wednesday, and hopefully more than twice next week with that request I made to Melissa. Also, as it's April Fools' day on Thursday, I've a certain trick in mind to set up next time I'm in. Take a screenshot of the desktop, set it as the wallpaper, and hide the icons but leave the start menu where it is so there's some functionality. Then maybe leave directions on how to restore the icons in Notepad, and set up a scheduled task to open that file at, say, 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Would be better if I could do it to all the computers, but Steve probably wouldn't be very amused.

Anyways, after tidying up there, I went all the way out to Value Village, which was going to be one of my destinations for the weekend, but I decided to go early since I still have another place (or two) in mind. Bought all of one more shirt and a pair of pants, then went over to Tim Hortons and saw that they actually had coconut Timbits <3 Stopped by Canadian Tire as well after that to check for one thing, but they didn't have it, so then I went home, washed all the dishes because Mom will be doing them tomorrow, and have been up here since.

Unfortunately, that was the cause of another bad part, or to give it a less vague name, boredom. At least it was at first, because I had a list in my head of several things I wanted to do, but couldn't actually bring myself to start any, but since then, I've found one that I plan to do immediately after this, and maybe more depending on what time it is afterwards. Not that I'm terribly concerned about tomorrow (although sleeping in would be nice), but in any case, I'm just going to go start that next thing. Lest this entry sound even more disorganized, but that happens every now and then, so meh~

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