Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Maybe Worth the Trouble

Moving Firefox 2's profile folder to a different location, then installing Firefox 3 and moving its as well, so everything related to them is nicely contained, and won't be affected by reinstalling XP. With an exception for registry entries, but I more like the idea of having them separated to both versions of the browser can run simultaneously, if need be. This is entirely a result of 4shared no longer displaying properly in Firefox 2 (the new buttons they've added take up entire rows instead of square or rectangular boxes), but then I remember how I can far more easily launch Google Chrome which works fine, except for the font not being displayed quite properly. I'll see if anything, because the only other option I have in mind is installing Firefox 3 instead of 2 whenever I next decide to redo everything, and deal with the incompatibilities with extensions and certain customizations not working as they come up. Not that I can say when the next time I do that will be, but whenever it happens.

Since I can't think of any other way to lead into it, I'll just go straight to work and say it was alright today. Melissa has given me permission to "beat up anybody who doesn't use the drain covers" as allowing bits and pieces of food to go down the drains (of the sinks) causes the grease trap to slowly clog up, and she and I are still the only ones who clean it. What she doesn't know is that I don't use said covers myself, because they get in the way and take up too much space in the sink, but as I said the about it the first time I cleaned the thing, it's justified as long as I'm the one prying the lid off the grease trap and sifting everything out. Anyways, I walked off after that without saying much, and next time I went back there she had to make sure I understood she was joking. I know you are. If I'm angry with somebody or something, I get quiet. Not violent <3

Steve, on the other hand, is as typical as ever, insofar as complaining every time he had to make a mini crunchwrap tonight, but all I could do was smile to myself and go clean more of the dining room. For as much as I may dislike him the rest of the time, the way things happen in his shifts and the things he says are one of the more amusing sources of constancy around there. Now I have another day off though, and plans only to tidy up later tomorrow night, so nothing close to being so involved as yesterday afternoon was. Well, I am looking forward to going to Heart and Stroke as well, but that's only right now. In the morning I'll probably want nothing more than to fall asleep again, but I may do just that for an hour or two once I get home.

In the meantime, I have naught to do but wait for an hour or so then go to bed. Possibly earlier, but I'm looking forward to it one way or the other, because I've been having rather odd dreams lately.

One a couple nights ago was of a more disturbing nature, so I won't go into it, but another from last night involved one part with pictures of Josh in a suit and tie (headshots, that is) being posted in Harveys' windows, with captions underneath them saying something to the effect of "He's coming back to the city!" Then when I woke up I realized he couldn't possibly still be that well-known around here, but there was another, not related to him. I can't remember many details of it now, but me and some other people were in a large underground cave with torches, and (I swear) setting everything we could lay eyes on alight. Apparently the cave was filled with some alien species (or somesuch) bent on killing the entire population of Earth, and possibly destroying the planet thereafter. Yeah, I know. My dreams are rather grandiose, but this is everything I remember. Anyways, to stop them before they had a chance to start, we were setting everything on fire, slowly backing towards the cave's exit, which led into the hallway of a typical building. Carpeted, with some windows off to the side, and what looked like pictures hanging on the wall. That sort of thing.

I watched one of our party touch their torch to a smaller picture, saying "We need to destroy everything", after which the rest of us moved on to a much larger hanging piece that was a grid with lines straight down the middle (both horizontally and vertically, in a random fashion). Without it actually being said, I knew somebody had designed that mural, I guess, to be hung in the building, as a way of remembering everything to be found in the cave. Somebody was about to set their torch to it, but I stopped them saying "We need to have something to remember them by", then I woke up and decided that was a good time to check my email for some reason.

So yeah. They're mostly cool but kind of frightening at the same time, and my biggest problem is not knowing what causes them. I've done nothing different the past couple nights, and have in fact been getting a better (less broken up) sleep than I was a week ago. On which note I might even get to bed early tonight, because that would be quite nice, but there still are some other things to do before this night is over, so I'll go start working on them~

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