Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Really Should Know Better

The first afternoon in a while where I leave for Heart and Stroke thinking that I can get a fair about of work done again, I manage to make it through only two and a half piles of sheets, and was messing up the numbers all afternoon, including bank deposit dates, so I had to go back and double-check all of them. The time after that wasn't as bad, because I walked around to Sobeys for a bag of Sun Chips, as I read a submission on Reddit last night that said the new bags were really loud, and indeed they are. Far more than you'd expect a bag of chips to be, but I suppose that could work to their advantage if there are enough people sufficiently interested to buy a bag and see for themselves how loud they are. Not much was done upon getting home after that either, except for sending off an email about one more change to my character sheet, then eating chips and testing that idea I started out with yesterday.

For one thing, I would actually need some way to change where Firefox looks for the profiles.ini file instead of the profile folder itself. With only one version installed, things work fine, but I'm not sure if both 2 and 3 would use the same format. Anyways, I eventually got frustrated and moved everything back to the original position, then upon launching Firefox again, found it would crash every time I logged into Gmail. Remember how I said that site not working was one of the few things that could get me to upgrade? Yeah. That was followed by launching Google Chrome, downloading the installer for Firefox 3.6.2, then spending most of the evening and night fiddling with it and getting things set up as I wanted. The end result (at least at this moment) can be seen here, and without knowing exactly how Gmail changed, all I can see that would cause the crash is the change in color of the "Inbox" text from blue to purple. Indeed. The buttons are more rounded as well now, but I'd have to guess they always were, and Firefox 2 just couldn't display them properly. Yeah.

Unfortunately, through all of that I've given myself a bit of a headache, but might call it a night early again as I have a supper shift to work tomorrow, and also need to be up in time to call Bell and give them 30 days notice. At the moment, I half expect them to ask "Is this an April Fools' joke?", but that wouldn't be very professional of them, so we'll see. If anything for tomorrow I want to do something at work, such as having whoever's on drive through say "Hi, welcome to McDonalds..." or somesuch. Harmless fun, and it would be one of the few nights I'd willingly wear a headset, just to see what sort of things were said in response. I never set up what I said I would at Heart and Stroke after all either, because it wouldn't be the same not being there to see it.

Anyways, I plan on playing Be-Pachi Music again for a bit before I go to bed, so this is done now, and we'll see tomorrow just what different things have happened as a result of it being April first. I remember LiveJournal's last year, which was the automatic LJ-cut after 140 characters thing, but it'll be interesting to see what else they come up with this year. If at all, but the entire day is still left, so I'll just have to see~

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