Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have Until March 1st

Just got off the phone with Bell, which was a rather amusing call, but setting that aside for a moment, our internet will be canceled in exactly one month, which leaves me hoping for my tax return sometime within the next two weeks, but if it doesn't come, I'll be taking ~$200 directly out my bank account for it. Paying Teksavvy is one thing I'm still somewhat uncertain about, but at the moment I like the sound of them taking the money directly from my bank account each month more. That's only ten dollars more than what I'm giving Dad now (and also what he'll be getting for this month), so I should always have enough in there. Buying the modem is going to be considerably more expensive, but I have that $100 from Manoah being returned to me this week, and that's all assuming I don't get my tax return money before the middle of the month.

As for the call, let's see. First of all, the lady on the other end (Naomi) became quite short and pointed with me as soon as I curtly explained that I hadn't called to fix any problems with our service from them, but to cancel completely. She then asked who we were switching to, which I should have come up with a nice way of saying "None of your business" as a response for, but I said we were going to Teksavvy, whereupon she tried telling me that they offered only limited technical support. I'll bet they do, and I effectively said as much by telling her I'd asked them a question (about whether or not a router would be needed along with a modem for their service) and received a response only an hour or so later, at ~1 in the morning. That continued to her trying to explain that we might have an old modem (she asked if ours was white or black), and when I gave her the answer, said that it was one of the older models, and that could be the reason we weren't getting very good speed / had a 75GB monthly limit instead of 100.

Continuing on, I tried to get things moving again by asking for the cancellation confirmation number, but she cut me off in the middle saying she'd give that to me once she processed the cancellation, and cut me off yet again when I started to ask if we'd be getting a box to return the modem in on the cancellation date, then proceeded to explain that very process, and how there would be a $75 charge if they didn't get it back. So I'll definitely take a picture or get some sort of confirmation from the post office to ensure they don't try to "pull a fast one" with that as well.

Everything is set now though, but I am just a little concerned about the cancellation number. This site I was using as a reference said it would be 8 digits, but the sequence I was given is 9. I am, however, referring to a post from back in 2007, so perhaps the extra number was simply a result of all the rest being used up. I won't need it for a couple weeks though, which leaves my only thing to do now as going to the bank before work and finally setting up online banking there. At very least so I can check my balance from home, and also to have record of Teksavvy's charges for the modem and possible setup fees, so Naomi and Adam can see how much they'll need to pay me both this month and thereafter. Yeah, I was going to go with my Visa originally, but not anymore.

Anyways, I plan to leave at 3:30, with a couple things to do between now and then. Beginning with shaving, because I don't want to get in trouble at work even though I don't know who the supper managers are. Possibly Mary and George, but I'll find out when I get there~

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