Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Summer is Almost Here

Since it's still the freshest thing in my mind, I'll start out with at least one paragraph about work last night. I should've known things would end up being different than normal, simply because of the walk there. It was frighteningly hot, at least for April, and seeing so many other people outside walking around should've served as at least a slight clue that work would be busy. It wasn't when I got there though, such that I had a chance to talk to Melissa and ask if it was too early to request time off at the end of this month, then run across the street to check my balance at the bank, and still see only two or three new customers in the dining room when I returned. It picked up rapidly after 5 though, and I like to think deployment was more than just a coincidence, because the one afternoon I manage to be put on backups so I won't have to be involved with customers at all, they are extremely busy from 5 straight through 'till 9. Twenty minute orders at one point, with Mary, George, and Cori on line, but I continued frying various things and bringing them at least fifty pounds of beef during the first three hours alone.

The most annoying bit was at 8, when Steve came in while I still had some more prep to do, and explained while trying to desperately to avoid eye contact with me that I'd be going on line until 10, so he could get the counts and other such stuff done. I believed him about the counts, but let's not beat around it like this Steve. You don't want to be on line because of how busy it is. I can't say I blame you, and the only reason I'm not putting up more of a fuss is because I'm here for only two more hours, but it'd be nice if I could finish the things I still have to do. Then sure enough, all through those couple hours, the giant pile of dishes at the back was barely touched, so he asked if I'd stay later to wash them, and I agreed on the condition of running out to Subway first. After all that, I started the dishes around 10:30, and filled up both sinks with new water for James at 1. I couldn't find the energy to go as fast as I normally do with them though, but yeah. Two and a half hours of dishes. Fun though, because every time Orlando or James came back they'd be smiling or shaking their heads, and without even asking it was obvious that was due to Steve's behavior. Then Ramsey showed up around 12:30 and had to be weird with his attempts to make conversation and ask what "Me and the girlfriend" were doing for Easter. Then before leaving he asked how long we'd been together, and I said "...about a year and half...". Sure, lying to the delivery driver isn't going to do much harm, but why / how do I get myself into these things, once again?

I enjoyed the walk home though, and just as I started last year, walked the latter half of Wellington without a shirt on, so provided conditions are the same tonight, I hope to do pretty much the same thing, except the entire way home. Or at least until Tim Hortons, because I have change for a cafe mocha again. Also, I'm not sure if they're open what with this being the beginning of the long weekend, but last time I went out along Keil I noticed Charlie's Variety's "Open" sign was still lit up, so if it is tonight I'll stop by there for some snacks. To do so would honestly be a little irresponsible of me at this point, but only from a financial angle. At this moment, once my most recent Paypal transfer goes through, I'll have ~$1,900. If I go to Charlie's Variety tonight, I'll be going down to eighteen, but have been thinking some more about switching to Teksavvy. Originally my plans were to wait until the last week of April to sign up with them, but now I have different plans in mind.

Do so next week, regardless of money (I have enough saved up), and (hopefully) use the login info they provide from then on. Once the modem we buy from them arrives, it will be swapped out, and the one from Bell set aside until the box it is to be sent back in shows up. That way there should be no noticeable downtime, and we will have a chance to get used to any decrease in speed. Although from what I've seen they might give less at first, but one can be "bumped up" simply by calling them and requesting as much. Makes sense. The one thing I will need to do that is my bank account information though, and since I still have a half hour left, I'm going to use this little card I was given yesterday and set up my online banking to see if that will give me the information I need. I'll find out quite shortly~

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