Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Can Wait One Week

I like the way this turned out. At work yesterday, Sheila was telling me about how she had the house to herself for the weekend, because Ron was gone somewhere and Josh would be coming down next Saturday instead. Mostly good because it meant I could sleep in this afternoon, which is something I've been needing all week. This afternoon and Monday are pretty much the only chances I'll have, because after that I go right back into afternoons of either waking up and almost immediately going out to Heart and Stroke, or waking up, finding things to occupy a couple hours, then taking off for work. Not that I should complain though, because more shifts means more money, and that's always a good thing <3 I just am getting a little annoyed by how "chummy" I'm becoming with the supper staff, to the point where Mary was calling me "Hon" last night and I almost asked her to please not. Although it still has its advantages, so hopefully things stay about where they are until Michelle returns.

Anyways, I asked Melissa for the 28th through 30th of this month off last night (or rather, left her a note to that effect), then went completely against my plans and walked straight home, for the same reasons I've done such before. Of course, as soon as I made it home and sat down, I started wishing I'd walked a long way, but I need to stop planning these things in advance as that's exactly what seems to cause them to not happen. So as I didn't spend any money at Tim Hortons, I plan on heading out there once I'm done here, then enjoying the rest of my night. Particularly with this weather right now, which would be only slightly better if it were to start raining, but either way is a vast improvement over the past couple days. When I called Bell the lady on the other end asked what I thought about the weather while she was looking up our account details, and in telling her that I liked cool, overcast conditions more, this is exactly what I meant <3 Plus I suppose it is April too, so some rain is to be expected sooner or later.

As for what I was saying yesterday about switching to Teksavvy early, it may not go quite as I'm hoping after all. This other page says being connected "in two places at once" (so presumably with Bell and Teksavvy at the same time) can cause problems, and I'd obviously rather avoid any such issues where possible. Although I probably still will place the order next week, so the modem arrives in plenty of time and I can have some progress made instead of just being stuck in the middle such as I am right now. Or rather at an impasse instead of being completely stuck. I'll ask about that next week though, because I can't see why we shouldn't just be able to discontinue using Bell's login early. Being connected with both at the same time is understandable, but not one or the other.

For now I'm off to Tim Hortons though, and will get to other things later tonight. All that comes to mind at the moment is a dream a couple nights ago prompted by something I noticed on the way home. Can't remember anything else quite yet, but I have the whole night, so I'm bound to remember one or two other bits of interest~

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