Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Mostly a Nice Lunch

Did I not know better, I might feel as if I was just waking up for the day, but not quite. Due to some setbacks involving feeling sick (in a way) around 5, I didn't get to sleep then, and not for the next two hours after that, because I was either laying in bed wide awake waiting to feel better so I could fall asleep, or getting up and going to the bathroom then sitting in there for a while. Eventually it went away too, which was around 6:00, so I laid down in bed and closed my eyes, only to wake up about 45 minutes later feeling the same way as before. In the end I only got about four hours of sleep, which left me in an unpleasant mood throughout most of lunch. Naomi and Adam were a large part of that too, to be fair, but now that we're home I'm glad to have gone, because it was fun aside from that, and reminds me just why I made that decision to not go out for supper with them on a more regular basis. Apparently I ate way too much though, which I've learned by having stepped on my scale a couple minutes ago and seeing it swing up to 190 instead ;_; Looks like toast will be my one and only snack tonight, but I still have to go to work in an hour, so this day is far from over.

Speaking of which, Steve had better not be the closing manager, because I don't think I could take another shift on line. Sure, if he is and decides to put me on that I'll have no other choice, but I like a bit of difference every now and then. Setting aside that really busy night where I was left to do prep, because I'm thinking along the lines of what happens when closing instead of on all shifts. Then tomorrow night I am, for some reason, working 7-12, so if Steve's on as well I'll likely be left to do line while he closes the dining room. I just need a break that's longer than a single day off, but if things continue as they have been, that won't happen until the end of the month.

Now, switching over to where I was going last night, there's that dream I mentioned. Before I get to exactly what happened in it, on my way home Thursday night, around 1:30 in the morning, I was sure I could hear shouting and people talking and other manner of ambient noise coming from down along King street, but that was while I was still several blocks away from the intersection of St. Clair and Grand. I even stopped a few times to listen really closely, and was sure of what I was hearing, but still couldn't believe I could hear it from so far away. Eventually I started walking again, but stopped a second time one more block down the road to listen again. Same noises, so I continued on to 7-11, and first had the guy there tell me he had about half an hour until it picked up again, and that he hadn't left his little platformed area all night, then I told him about hearing the noises, and he agreed with my presumption of it being people at the bar. Left there with my purchases, and on the way over the bridge looked down beside the river, and could see only one car on the little road beside it, and once I reached the intersection at King street, looked down it quite intently and could only see some vehicles that I assume where there for roadwork, as there was a sign posted at the intersection to that effect as well. Kind of weird all in all, but it pretty much left my mind after that. Until I went to sleep.

The dream involved the same thing, except with shouting angrily and overall aggressive noises instead of the festive variety I'd heard on the way home. It seemed only natural to assume said noises were coming from a large, angry group of people, and I knew by instinct that if they caught me, the consequences would be dire. To make matters worse, the area I was in was nothing more than a large, open field that might as well have extended out forever, as I couldn't see anything that would offer a place to hide. In the same way though, I also knew that I was standing exactly where work would be normally, and if I went all the way out to Keil (despite there being nothing to show how far I'd traveled or where the street was) and around from there, I could avoid said mob, but as I could hear the noises coming from off in the direction of McDonalds, I was worried that if I were to even walk up to the corner, they might see me. Eventually I got the idea to call home for a ride, and woke up shortly thereafter. As stated, kind of unsettling, but more interesting to notice how something largely incidental didn't completely go away.

Less than an hour to go before leaving for work though, and with that time I need to at least make some changes to this commission sketch so I don't have to be so long-winded explaining them to the artist. Yeah~

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