Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Don't Want to Waste my Time

It doesn't take long for these thoughts to creep in again. As mentioned earlier, I had a nap upon getting home from Wallaceburg, and the first thing I thought when I woke up again was that I'd definitely be going to bed early, and not waking up for anything in the afternoon until 4 or 5. Thoughts which only became stronger and stronger as I got closer to work, culminating in seeing Steve through the dining room window as I was still walking up and uttering the words "You've got to be kidding". He, however, was done at 8, and I suppose in the relief that came from that, started wondering if I should go to Heart and Stroke tomorrow. It seemed like a good idea too, because then I could tell Michele "I won't be in on Thursday" and have my first day off this week to myself aside from going to get groceries, but no, I won't do that. If I put off taking my chance to sleep in now, I'll just start wondering the same thing on Wednesday night, and more than likely end up deciding to go the following day as well because we'll be getting groceries later that same afternoon as well, so I'll have to be up one way or the other.

And also, I suppose that stuff about Steve does sound a little insensitive, so to clarify, I'm growing tired of being taken advantage of. I would still choose him over Mary, but only because she seems to think the fact that I've been pleasant enough on days lately means I like working with her now. I just like knowing I can work my shift and leave without having to worry about the whole place being cleaned up, but am still waiting for Michelle to come back to restore some regularity to my schedule.

Nothing much else has happened though, but I did have a nice walk home. Probably just because it's a holiday, but I saw only three other vehicles the entire way, and no noise otherwise save for that from my shoes, and also the wind. It would've been nicer had it started raining by then, but that was neat as well, because about half an hour ago I started noticing very quiet sounds of something dropping, then completely stopped what I was doing and listened hard, only to realize the noise was rain falling outside. Oh, and not that it's related to the weather, but I have one bit of amusement to remember for tomorrow night. Manoah wants to be nicer to people, and in such plans to adopt a yes-to-anything attitude. However, his "Yes" pose looked exactly like that on the CHAMPS card at the back, with the figure on it whose arms are held up in a sort of v-shape, which led to quite some hilarity.

Really not particularly relevant stuff, but it was funny at the time, mostly because all three of us (he, James, and I) admitted to being tired, and after long enough fatigue gives way to a comfortable but slightly off-balance feeling, which is often the best thing ever <3 I do need to get to sleep though, lest I become any more comfortable. I plan to call Teksavvy tomorrow to inquire about switching to them, and if we could sign up right away or would waiting be advisable, then on somewhat the same note, the download comprising 95% of my usage allotment for this month is almost finished, so I hope to wake up tomorrow and see that uTorrent closed itself. Maybe even before I go to bed, with the ETA as it is right now, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Approximately 20 minutes~...

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