Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Only When I Don't Want To

Maybe I should just give up on that whole trying to sleep in thing. Today I feel very well rested, even though I've only slept for about six and a half hours, yet yesterday I was once again ready to turn around and hit something when I first woke up. Admittedly it wasn't by choice, but rather from somebody knocking on my door, which at first seemed like part of a dream I was having, so I assumed it to be Dad and asked what he wanted, and heard "I told you so!", then looked out the window to see it raining because apparently he had said it was going to. But then I noticed the knocking wouldn't stop, so I realized there really was somebody at my door, who turned out to be Naomi having problems with her laptop. It wouldn't turn on for more than a couple seconds, so I said I'd look around for some help online and went off to do that, only to find when I went back out to tell her what I'd found, that she'd taken it to Staples. Admittedly my advice wasn't much help (I was going to say it could be a problem with the motherboard, but that she could also try taking the battery out and disconnecting it for a couple hours), but right now I'll reiterate what I said about fixing Sheila's laptop, and only having the desire to when I know exactly what the problem is.

Anyways, had I a little more foresight after that, I might have eaten breakfast quickly and used the fact that I was awake earlier than planned to go to Heart and Stroke, but I stayed here in favor of "chilling", as Tryphena put it when I got to work. Nothing too notable there, aside from renewed annoyance at people that come in after I'm finished cleaning up the rest of the dining room, and insist on eating there. A task that was really quite fun at first too (at the beginning of the night), because a whole bunch (twenty or so) of drunk people came in shortly before 8, and were too out of it to first of all pay attention when I called out their orders, and also to recognize what they'd asked for down at the other end of the counter. One guy tossed his receipt at me and said "I don't know if this is mine. I can't read that [expletive]", then tottered off after I confirmed that yes, it was, and other fun stuff like that. Closing with Manoah again tonight, so hopefully the same doesn't happen, but even if it does, I'm likely to be on a different position anyways. Then tomorrow night I do indeed have to close with Steve, but once before I have a day off shouldn't be all too bad. I think Friday might be worse anyways, because both Mary and Melissa show up at 8 and are closing, but thankfully I get a supper shift that day <3

As for right now, I need to be off to Heart and Stroke quite soon, so I'll leave other things until later once again, and hope for a productive enough afternoon there. The weather is certainly nice, and I do like these continued severe thunderstorm warnings, but that far from indicates how receipting will go. Should be decent one way or the other though~

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