Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Really is Convenient

Haven't done so much as press a single button on the phone in regards to things with Teksavvy yet, but I do like being able to log into the site and seeing my balance and recent transactions there instead of having to stop by the bank. Not that I'll cease doing that entirely, because it gives me something to do on nights I'd otherwise be walking straight home, but being able to check it out online is quite nice too. At first I was worried about this week, because my pay was less than hoped for (it would seem the minimum wage increase will take effect on the next one), but then I remembered Manoah still owes me $100, and we worked it out such that I'll stop there either on the way out to or home from Real Canadian Superstore on Thursday, and pick it up then. The bank is right across the street, and will still be open as well, so I can just run over there and deposit it, then things will be back to normal. As for Teksavvy, I've decided to wait again. Until the 19th, because as much as I thought I wouldn't mind I really don't like the idea of paying for a month that won't be used.

Speaking of which, just as I walked into the kitchen and set my laptop down so I'd have something to listen to while washing dishes, the phone rang. A lady on the other end asked for Dad, so I gave the phone to him, and about ten minutes later he came back into the kitchen asking exactly how much going with Teksavvy for the internet would cost. ~$170 for the first month, plus a possible activation fee that I'm not absolutely certain about yet, and $40 a month thereafter. As it turns out, the phone call was from Bell, seemingly trying some other bit of customer retention. Kind of annoying, but not completely unexpected, and they did ask for Dad instead of me, so whatever. Oh, and while I'm still on this topic, I had a dream either last night or the night before about calling then to get everything set up, and finding out the cancellation confirmation number was wrong. Fun things that leave me just a little bit worried about the same thing happening when I call them for real.

Moving on to Heart and Stroke, going there today went pretty well, and I left feeling that if I could get as much done in the next two days as I just had, I would be finished with all the sheets by the end of Thursday, leaving only what Michele calls the "evil binder" to go through. Thinking some more though, depending on how much is left a 5 tomorrow afternoon, I might just take Thursday off and get to the rest next week. Then a couple weeks after that, on either the 21st or 25th, there's some volunteer appreciation thing they're holding, and Michele wants to know if I'll be attending, but most likely not. It's later in the evening (around 7pm), so if I have to work I'll be leaving then, and the 21st is a Sunday, and I'm rather loathe to go to something volunteering-related on the weekend. I suppose in a sense a reward (snacks <3) would be nice, and definitely deserved, but I'm still sticking to this mindset of "A job well done is its own reward". Finally, somebody had plaques made up, presumably for something involving the Big Bike event. One of them is made out to the "Wheel's Inn". I seriously want to give Steve a note to stick to his monitor that says "Are you sure you want to put an apostrophe there?"

As for other odds and ends, I am, just as expected, very opposed to going to work tomorrow night, not because Steve closes but simply because I want the night off. On Thursday last week I broke the sink washing dishes, but it still worked. Skip ahead to now, when the problem still hasn't been fixed, and also, as of tonight, the pressure coming out of the sprayer thing had far decreased. Really annoying to have a large pile of dishes to wash when squeezing the handle on it provides a stream of water that's only slightly more powerful than a sprinkler, but I managed to get them done anyways, then messed up counting my till and thought I acquired an extra $16 from somewhere at first. It was still a dollar over when counted properly, but yeah. Nothing worth noting has happened since I got home though, and because I am going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, I'll just call it a night right now. It'll take at least ten minutes to fall asleep anyways~

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